Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gearing up for the Holidays

Well, if I wasn't in Holiday mode the 1st half of the month, by week three I came around!! business slowed up a bit and the Holiday activities came on full swing. We had a great Spanish Branch Christmas Party w/ dinner, dancing and a few presentations. I loved Gavin's stage debut during jingle bells... he on the other hand, was not so sure!

We went on a fun neighborhood field trip. Rode the train uptown and visited the Christmas Bears in founders Hall

Christmas came early w/ Nana & Papa! The spent the night w/ us the day before we left. We ate, made a ginger bread house and open lot's of fun presents!

Susan helped me work on the Snuggies for the boys. Don't laugh, but Braden has been obsessing over getting a snuggie. "Mom, it's the Blanket w/ sleeves... I swear he could be the poster child!! Anyway, I thought about buying one until someone told me they were low quality and said I should just make one (thanks for the idea Tammy!!!). I know they are a JOKE, but I thought hey, if Braden wants a snuggie, then a snuggie I will make!! He picked out the fabric and VOILA, I made a few snuggies *photos to come.
As a family, we had a great time selecting and wrapping these SECRET SANTA gifts for a wonderful deserving family!!

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