Saturday, April 24, 2010

NYC Bound

Since I last posted/shared about my graphic arts award a few more exciting things have surfaced! First and foremost I am headed to NYC a week from today and I am BEYOND excited. On Friday night the National AMI convention - held at none other than the Waldorf Astoria - will kick off and I get to attend the ceremony to receive the award!!

My sister Ashlee coincidentally happens to be flying home from her month long adventure in Dubai and has a layover in NYC. She'll drop the last leg and stay the weekend w/ me in New York... the timing could not have worked out better!!!! We arrive to JFK within 15 mins of each other.

Anyway, it should be a fun weekend. It will be fun to catch up with friends AND of course we will be making a little time for broadway. Top on the list: (you know we'll be doing some theatre door stalking!!)

Lastly, if you're not already tired of hearing about all this, A little article came out in out in our local paper this week covering the whole story. I was excited... if anything it will be great advertising for my business.

A fun week with Uncle T!!

We got a very special visit this week from my brother Taylor -- driving cross country from college (BYUi) to home (Orlando) for the summer. The boys were in heaven... especially since it was a busy week for Blake and we did not get to see much of him!! Let the good times roll...

We had nightly wrestling matches, hulk hands and all

We went strawberry picking and made awesome salads, juices and smoothies with all the delicious berries!!

AND the highlight for Bray was building a model airplane FROM SCRATCH. Seriously, I don't know how Taylor came up with this. He literally had a few dowels, foam core and duct tape... I mean what else would you need. They did get a little hobby shop propeller plane too but nothing can compare to this turbo glider!!

Thanks for stopping through Uncle T-Sizzle! It was a blast. Oh... and we have to mention Taylor's "Cardio Funk" debut. I talked him into trying my cardio hip hop class - I am addicted and love bringing new blood to the dance floor (plus if Blake can do it... you can too!) Anyway, he did great and even got up in front during "All the Single Ladies". hahaha... now that's a picture I wish I had!

Friday, April 09, 2010


Many of you know what a rocky month this has been for our family, to say the least!! About a week and a half ago amidst the throws of it all, I have to admit I was feeling a bit down. I hadn't really left the house in 3 weeks and Braden's personality had yet to make a full come back.

To preface this all, a few months earlier I had entered a cultural arts design contest through the American Mother Inc Association at the suggestion of my dear friend Carrie. I entered on the National level in the categories of Photography and then Graphic Design not really thinking anything of it. Fast forward to my "down in the dumps" week, I received a letter in the mail with the news that I had won first place on the national level for my graphic design entry. WHAAAAT! The news could not have come at a better time. I was thrilled!

Then, two days later, the President of the South Carolina chapter emailed me and invited me to SC Mother of the Year celebration down in Columbian, SC which took place yesterday. I won't bore with too many details but it was a FABULOUS DAY!! First a luncheon honoring various outstanding women in South Carolina at the Palmetto Club. I was seated at the head center table and felt like a faux celeb!! I made so many great connections and was even asked to help participate in design work w/ the association as well as illustrate a children's book through photographs?!!

Next stop, the Governor's Mansion. Another luncheon/tea with fabulous food and more honoring. This portion was mainly for the SC Mother of the Year, but again, I met many great people and had a wonderful time. I felt so dotted on and was handing out business cards like crazy.

Sigh... back to reality!! It was a great honor though and I am hoping to make it out to NYC April 30th - May 2nd for the national convention where they will hand out the national awards!!

Thanks for letting me share. The good news could not have come at a better time. I will add that Braden is doing well. He will have oral surgery within the next few weeks so we are just waiting to hear how that will all play out!!

I'm posting a picture of me from yesterday. I was talking too much to get any other really great ones (at least with my camera)

While I was busy on one side of town, Blake was on the other with the kiddies at the Columbia Zoo!! Lot's of funny pictures, had to post a few :)

Just monkey-in' around!!

Easter in Cherokee 2010

We had a great time celebrating Easter with Blake's family this year!! Even though I couldn't get Gavin to smile for any pics... don't let it fool you, we had a blast!! The weather was fantastic and the cousins had a lot of fun together.

Family Easter egg hunt in the park!! I loved Millie's oh-so-fashionable "hand bag basket". Also, Braden was hamming it up for the camera big time! Other than that, between the hunt on Sat. and a visit from the Easter bunny on Sunday, it's safe to say the kiddies got plenty of easter-time fun in AND plenty of CANDY.

Yay! The EB found us all the way in Cherokee :)

And of course the crowning moment for the boys... a ride on Papa's motorcycle (G says "papdirtbike" (one word, referring to ANY and ALL motorcycles). I think they would have driven home just like this given the chance!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

How Cute is THAT!

Ash was helping me update my headshot on Tues. and these two were hamming it up the entire time!! Gavy's face is his personality to a T right now... you can also see how well Mr. B is healing.

The Last 3 Weeks... or so!!

Thought I would post another update on how life has been the past few weeks. First things first... each week is getting progressively better and I even feel like we are getting our "old Braden" back personality wise, so that is good!

We made a trip to the plastic surgeon who was very happy with the healing of his face. There is still a lot of scar tissue resolving, but I am amazed and happy with his bottom lip up to this point.

We did have a little trip up this week. After visit #2 with Braden's Ped. Dentist, we did find out that there is still some extensive oral surgery ahead. Because his mouth was so swollen for a while (and let's face it, we weren't really trying to get in there and look around b/c for a while touching Bray anywhere was drama) we weren't able to see what was going on. But last week we discovered that the gums above his left "I tooth" are completely disintegrated and the tooth is exposed from root to tip. A few surrounding teeth are gray (dead) and his lip on the right side is healing and attaching itself (through scar tissue) straight to the gum surface. Okay!!! So, we are not out of the clear yet.

We are distraught about having to put this little guy through more surgery, but we can't leave things put with the way his mouth is healing. We visit the oral surgeon next week to check out more options.

Anyway, we have still been so appreciative of help with meals in the neighborhood (still going strong and has been such an amazing thing) as well as help with Gavin!!

Aunt Ashlee came for a visit for the past few days and that was awesome!!! Both boys LOVED that and we were sad to see her go!! She's headed to Dubai to help Tiffani w/ her new, sweet little baby Zoey!!

So, it seems like by last week I hadn't left the house at all!!! I was getting a bit stir crazy as was Braden. I had cancelled all camera classes and work related projects (though I did manage to get the new website up and running - another story!!) and was determined to make this week a little more normal. Here's what else we've been up to!!

Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to take a contemporary dance workshop from the Parson's Dance Company (based out of NYC). They were in town for 4 days with their show and they offered an advanced modern masterclass through NC Dance Theatre. Yes, I have danced my whole life and was on the modern dance company in college, BUT that was a LONG time ago!! Let me just say that this was one of the BEST classes I have ever taken and it of course made me miss moving/dancing like that, like CRAZY!! There are just not enough hours in the day and/or days in the week for the things I wish I could do!!

BTW, I'm still sore, but it was so worth it!

Friday night Blake and I went on a date (it had been a while!!). We hit up the Robin Thicke concert at the Fillmore here in Charlotte! We went with some good friends and had a GREAT time. I am a bit obsessed with RT (you now when you just find THAT song?!?!) So for the past 5 years I have loved him. This show was awesome b/c it was up close and personal.
Not too big, not too crazy.

You rocked it Robin!!! Love the voice, love the moves, love it all :)

And last but not least, is anyone else in love with Forsythia as much as I am!! Seriously, just seeing these wild yellow bushes growing all over makes me so happy!! I bought one and planted it on the side of my house this weekend, just because!

I must say that Spring makes me so happy!!! At least I've got that going for me :)