Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Be DANCE!!!!

This is going to be a mega post so be prepared!! (and these are actually a little different than the ones I posted on facebook... thanks Audra!!!) The live SYTYCD show ROCKED MY WORLD this year! This is the fourth year I have been lucky enough to go... Ash and I have been to the last three together. So, in true tradition, Ash flew in and we had a fantastic time. Here are a bunch of pics from the show... of course we had to go all stalkerazzi and wait to get pics with the cast after the show! They are always so nice and fun to meet in person. We didn't stay till the bitter end this year, but I did get to meet my favs: Kayla, Brandon, Kupono & Ade... so it ended up being perfect. We had a fun group and gorged on Cheesecake factory before the show. It was SUCH A GREAT NIGHT!!!

Starting in reverse order, here we go!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fun Continues... Carving Pumpkins

After our whirlwind 5 days with Ashlee, The next day I turned around and drove to Florida with the boys. Now, a lot of people (on facebook, blogs) etc... joke a lot that I am always traveling and/or never staying home. Yes, it's somewhat true... but I also seem to only post when I'm on the move which makes it seem even more so. But the truth is, I LOVE to be doing things: playing w/ my kids, working, taking trips, visiting my family... I like having a full schedule (with a little down time here and there) but that's what makes me function: fun things to look forward to!! Having said that, this trip down was a bit last minute. Without going into to many details, my Mom was diagnosed with a Kidney Disorder the end of August and has been going through a lot physically in the past few months. Blake and I agreed that as soon as she was feeling up to it, I would take the kiddies down for a little visit. We intended for it to be full of relaxation (and it has). But my Mom has been feeling a lot better and even got some incredible news that things are healing quickly, so we have definitely fit in some fun things in. It has been one of my absolute favorite trips to FLORIDA!!!! Here are a ton of pics:
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Tea Party... A Tradition with Ahma!!

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Monday, October 26, 2009


A local Reptile Aquarium... complete with regular snake "milkings" (venom removal) and more!!!

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Green Meadows Farm

This place is an absolute Gem! We had such a great day with all the animals, complete with train ride, hay ride, cow milking, horse riding and everything else!!!

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We Made it To Florida!!!

Our first few days... having a blast just being home!!

Braden's Birthday Party at the Fire Station

We had the BEST time with Braden's Birthday this year!! I must however, give the credit to my neighbor Kelly who gave me the idea. We had his party at our local firestation and it was a BLAST! All we had to do was show up and bring a few goodies... they did the rest. We got a tour, some fire safety tips, the chance to sit in the Engine, and the chance to see a fireman in full gear. The kids loved it and it was beyond wonderful for me to have no set up, clean up etc...

Here's the whole group!!

They even gave out hats, stickers and coloring books as party favors!

the kiddies were enthralled...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADEN!! My Big 4 year-old, who is finally as old as he looks!!

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