Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to the Governor's Mansion 2011

Hello poor, neglected blog!!  My to do list is SOOO long these days, that journaling has taken a back seat... BUT, I do want to remember my trip back down to the Governor's Mansion, so even if it's just for me to read back one day, I gotta blog it!!

Back in March I received an invite from the AMI SC Chapter to come back to their yearly celebration luncheon as a guest of honor for winning 1st place in the national graphic arts contest last year {man, that is the award that won't stop!!!} They asked me to talk about my trip to NYC as well efforts in getting a young mother's group going here in this area. I also received an invite from Governor Nikki Haley (SC's first female Governor!!!) to the official Tea later that day to celebrate the SC Mother of the year and the organization on the whole.

It's always enjoyable every once in a while to be able to step outside my frantic mommy life and be in the midst of amazing women doing amazing things.  It's a fun bubble to be in for a day, plus it's a huge confidence booster to be introduced to the governor as "an inspiring graphic artist and photographer" {who.. oh me... seriously, thank you?!!} 

I feel like there are SO MANY INCREDIBLE women out there.  Especially in my industry of photography and design... I am constantly in awe of the creativity and talent, so much so that often I doubt and/or compare myself.  On days like these, though, I get the bounce back in my step and I feel like I can be me and I can do great things.  When I have cool experiences like these it makes me want to be better at everything that I do.  And not just professionally BUT most importantly for my family.  What a treat... thanks for letting me share :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Must have "You Don't Know Jacques" for my fingers....

 And "Cajun Shrimp" for my toes....
What colors are you wearing this summer?!!! {by the way, cajun shrimp looks a lot less electric/florescent in person -- it's perfect!!!}

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Already!  Which makes me happy b/c I love spring and warmer weather!!  Here's a few pics from what we've been up to the past few weeks:

Bray's school field trip to the Children's Theatre in Charlotte.  Horrible picture, but they did get to see a very cute little play!

Friday we met up with our good friends Jennifer, Ella & Caroline for a visit to the Discovery Place!!  The kids had a blast "discovering" all sorts of cool things.  BTW, props to the DP for having Gluten Free chicken tenders in their food court.  Very cool!

And finally, the boys have been obsessed with hanging out at this local skate park!!  They are such dare devils when it comes to riding their bikes on the ramps... It freaks me out sometimes, but it's fun to see them in action.  Saturday we finally got our nice weather back so it was off to the skate park AGAIN!!

Dad has major skillz on the razor skooter!!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful S P R I N G!!!