Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I just did this same post on my Photography blog... and since it's a giveaway, I thought I would do a little cross-promotion!!!!

Earlier this week I posted some tidbits on exciting promotions taking place over the next few months. Today Introduced a few more new elements to the blog.

In addition to the monthly promos I am also going to start posting photography & photoshop tips as well as highlight preferred vendors/blogs. I think this will be a fun interactive way to stay connected with YOU ALL!!

So, to kick things off I am highlighting a blog AND GIVING SOMETHING A WAY!!! This weekend I will be presenting a photography class at a mini women's retreat for my church. In my research I came across this fantastic site:

Ella Publishing Co. is an innovator in the creation and delivery of digital books (eBooks) to the scrapbook industry. Founded in 2009 by Lain Ehmann and Angie Lucas, Ella Publishing Co. aims to inspire, educate, and entertain memory keepers around the world with top-quality emedia products

Since my goal this year is to become more educated (and of course share this education the best I can with YOU - hence the offering of photography/photoshop classes, workshops etc...) I am giving away a mini

"On-the-Go Photo Tips Photography Guide"

All you have to do is leave your name & email in the comment section on my Hart to Hart Digital Blog. This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, interested in learning a bit more about taking better pictures!!! Become a follower and you will be entered twice!! Stay tuned for tips and more giveaways. Good luck and happy snapping!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Lots more trip pictures to come... but while I'm here posting, I thought I would FINALLY FINALLY update my blog aesthetically speaking. Wow, that was long over due. I am so over the green and black and all our feet at the top of the page!! I needed something more colorful and fun. And don't worry, I only wasted the whole night on the header. I hate how obsessive I can be. Yay!! Spring and warmth and brightness is just around the corner :)

Wickedly Good Times in Florida!!

What a fabulous week this has shaped out to be!! The boys and I drove down to Florida last Wednesday... we were going through "grandparent withdraws" (mutually... right Mom!!!) And we also had occasion to celebrate: Aunt Ashlee turned the BIG Three Oh. Since she and I saw the musical Wicked on Broadway for mine in '08, we decided it would be fun to see it again for hers (I'm liking this tradition!).

Anyway, we had a great evening/night down in Tampa. The show was A-MAZING once again, and we left in a giddy, Glinda induced coma, that caused us to all swap shoes (oh, the blisters) and order every desert on the menu at midnight!! HAPPY B-DAY ASH!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday boasted a little more action than we planned for!! It started snowing around 5pm right as the boys and I were leaving karate. We had to run home, get ready, make a quick dish and then turn around and head back to the church for the Branch V-day Party. Long story short, the difference between the 5pm snow and the 7pm was phenomenal! Before we knew it we were driving 15 mph in a bit of a snowstorm. Now, I do have an SUV, but it is neither all wheel, nor front wheel drive… the thing is a nightmare to drive in the snow. Had I realized when we left how bad/dangerous the roads were, I wouldn’t have gone, but just 2 hours before they were fine, so we decided to head out anyway.

So there we were trekking along as slow as possible, trying not to freak out. It didn’t help that my windshield wipers are apparently on it’s their last legs and I was having trouble seeing out the window. Anyway, about half way there, I hit a patch of something and started sliding. I was in the right line… we slid left, then back right (It’s all slow motion, but I think I remember lighting trying to turn the wheel and NOT slam on the breaks). From there we did a full 360 and then started another one as we spun into the median/ditch in the middle of the road. We ended up stuck in the ditch facing on coming traffic. I couldn’t move the car and I was trying to stay CALM!! No one was hurt; the boys were fine (though Braden was worried that we were going to get a ticket).

What happened from here on out, I consider an absolute miracle and godsend!! I called Blake (at the church) and he left immediately, but was still a good 20 mins. away. He told me to stay put… I couldn’t really move so that was fine. A few minutes later, my neighbor Kelly called and asked if I was home… I told her I was actually stuck in a ditch on the 521. She said, she was afraid I would say that!! They had just passed me on the road and saw the white ENVOY. Here’s the kicker: she was driving by but wasn’t sure if it was me stuck in the snow. At the moment she turned her head back I turned my interior light on and she saw my hair. I had a feeling to turn on my interior light at that moment and I’m so glad I listened. She called and sent her husband back to help us AND here’s why having Jason help us was such a godsend. I would’ve stayed put, but Jason decided to start backing us up (parallel to the road) to see if we could get a little more traction somewhere else. After we backed up a bit, he got out to survey the area. Literally moments after we had moved, a mustang came flying off the road and spun/landed in the exact spot where were before we moved. Ahhhhhh… can you even imagine. I am beyond grateful that again, no one was hurt. We left the car there last night, but managed to get it out this morning once the snow melted a bit. Everything’s fine, but it’s got me thinking.

I know we were blessed, watched over and protected and I don’t ever want to take that for granted. There were so many little ways the Lord watched out for us last night… It was not a big accident or anything over traumatic, but something happens when your car starts spinning and things start happening in slow motion! I am beyond grateful for all my blessings – little and big. I feel foolish for having expectations of the shape and form of blessings; when in fact little tenders mercies and being safe and protect exceed all else. By sharing this, I don’t want to make it more dramatic than it was… I just want to be able to have the reminder that the Lord truly is mindful of us and loves us all.

Happy Valentines Day… I am definitely feeling the love.

I happened to have my camera in my pocket... grabbed it right as we walked out the door for the party. I took a few pics of the car after we backed up! CRAZY!
We first landed right were the mustang was...

Enough of the scary stuff!! This morning we played in the snow!! Major snow ball fight :)


Last weekend Blake and I had 2 dates in one day... that's a rarity that definitely deserved a post. We had a babysitter come around 4p so that we could see an early 3D showing of AVATAR!! Wow, it rocked our world! Visually, it was amazing :) I'm am usually not into big budget, sci-fi etc... but this defied anything I've seen.

On to the Copes annual Valentines bash!! It was a blast and as you can see by Blake's and my face, we were all to excited to be there! We actually did pretty good on this year's "Rate My Mate" game... I mean we're not up to the Wahers status yet, but a girl can dream!!