Saturday, February 13, 2010


Last weekend Blake and I had 2 dates in one day... that's a rarity that definitely deserved a post. We had a babysitter come around 4p so that we could see an early 3D showing of AVATAR!! Wow, it rocked our world! Visually, it was amazing :) I'm am usually not into big budget, sci-fi etc... but this defied anything I've seen.

On to the Copes annual Valentines bash!! It was a blast and as you can see by Blake's and my face, we were all to excited to be there! We actually did pretty good on this year's "Rate My Mate" game... I mean we're not up to the Wahers status yet, but a girl can dream!!

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alisa said...

So much fun! Not sure why Tanji and I are together with our husbands in the back!!! HEE Hee! Fun night! We need to get together more than just one time a year! Great to see you....and I just read your last post. So scary! So thankful you guys are okay. We were out driving in it too. So scary! Love ya!