Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Bit Country...

This is totally random BUT... last night, Blake and I had a date night and I wanted to find something different to do.  We did the whole dinner and a movie thing, and after (around 10:30pm) we ventured over to a little country hot spot "Coyote Joes" where we saw Julianne Hough in concert (I guess you could call it that!!)  And I'm thinking only Dancing With the Stars fans would know who she is, but nonetheless, she was actually pretty good.  It was a fun, small show.  She was adorable and tiny and made me feel really bad for eating so much at dinner!!  We were close to the stage and lovin' all the cowboy hats.  I was also loving the 60 year-old man standing next to me rocking out, taking 200 pictures.  Super Fan!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


All it takes is about 3 solid inches of snow and ALL of Charlotte shuts down!!  I love a good snow day here.  Blake called into work around 5:15am and we couldn't have been happier when the automated message informed us that all the government offices were closed!  Nothing like a 4 day weekend.  I'm sure lots of people around here were excited to celebrate Inauguration Day "snowed in"... we were just happy to have Blake an extra day!

"this" equals:
homemade "this" for dinner!!!

Just had to post...

these fun family shots from Christmas Break (I know... a tad bit behind!)  I brought my Camera to the Harts and we were determined to get a great outdoor family photo since EVERYONE was there.  Keep in mind, the big family ones are all on timer.  And once we figured out Collin (the 10 year-old) could run faster than me, it was official.   The ones of Evan and Braden continue to crack us all up.  They are priceless!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did we really just do that....

So, Blake and I "totally" just stayed up until Midnight watching Mannequin... yes the one from 1987.   I tivo'd it last week (why???) and as we were flipping through, Blake was like, "hey, that used to be my favorite movie.... and I was like, "NO way... that was MY favorite movie."  Wow now wonder we are soul mates.  So, yeah, we sort of had to watch it since we share that bond now.  Gotta admit, it wasn't the same, though it brought back lot's of memories of dreaming I lived in a department store - changing from one shoulder-padded wonder to the next!!!  Oh, Kim Catrall, what a great career you have had!!!

The Primary Bulletin Board

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I can finally dedicate a little more time to my calling!!  Just in time... we share the building w/ two other wards and they asked the Spanish Branch to do the Primary Bulletin Board.  I think it's a great theme this year: My Eternal Family.  It felt like a lot of work getting it ready... then to look at it, it's pretty simple... oh well... we just wanted to convey a look of family and home!

Our Temple
I took pics of most of the kids and designed this poster.  Looks much better BIGGER but you get the idea!

Should be a great year en La Primaria!!  Especially since Braden is officially a sunbeam.  His teacher is from Brazil.  She is awesome :)  Braden will now be speaking PortuSpanglish.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 More Funnies

Braden to me at Old Navy yesterday: (LOUD) "Woa, Mom... that's a big mamma."  (we were standing next to a large latin lady)   please say she did not understand that... and where did you learn to say big mamma?  I was laughing so hard!

At the gym one of Braden's favorite child watch ladies is Chinese and he is fascinated with her.  I was telling him as we walked out yesterday, "Lu Ming is from China".  Braden: "She's not from China... China's a wall".
...Thank you Dora

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year... and other random musings

Sooooo... 2009 started out with a bang.  Actually, it was just me banging my head on the couch trying to clear my heavily congested head... sigh... there went our BIG New Year's Eve plans!!

We had a babysitter for ALL night.  Plans for dinner and a movie, and then a fun dance party from 1opm - ???  All the makings of a great NYEve.  Then... we ALL got sick.  The boys crashed by 9pm.  Blake was in and out... but mostly out.  So at 12 (the nyquil wasn't going to get the best of me yet) I sat there on the couch, watched the ball drop, promised to never spend another year like this again, then passed out (sniff, sniff).  It's been a rough 4 days at the Hart house, but I think I (well, we) are finally on the mend!!!  What a way to bring in the New Year.  One year (our first in NC) I rung in the New Year with Blake's Dad watching Maid in Manhattan.... I can't complain... Butch was/is great company, but I did have higher hopes for this year... oh well... I'm over it!!

So, on that note, I love a fresh start... Mondays, a new month... a New Year!!  There's some sort of motivation to starting over (this will be the year I loose 10lbs, get organized, get on top of my game, start that new class, hit record business highs etc, etc...)  So while I hope for all those things, I really just hope I can live in the moment, be a little more patient, not get so overwhelmed and yeah... definitely loose 10lbs :)  I did read however (going back to not getting overwhelmed) that if you tackle projects in smaller increments it helps reduce stress, i.e.: I don't have time to clean the entire house but I can get this one room.  Seriously... I stress over my house.  Which is crazy b/c I'm going to clean it and it's only going to get dirty again and I'm only going to clean it again.... I'm off topic!!!!  Anyway, happy new year to ALL and to all a good night.   Better get to bed.  Resolution #16: Go to bed before midnight.... 11:54 still counts.

Quote of the Day:  
Me to Blake:  "Braden ate 4 big pieces of Pizza tonight... man, that kid has an appetite"
Blake to Me:  "And that's why he poops man poop."

For the Record...

Had to add the this year's Christmas card, plus a few of my favorite pics from the photo shoot.  I took those one Sunday morning before church in about a total of 2 minutes :0  I was inspired by the giant sucker... who wouldn't be!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Get ready for a big one!!!

This year was Blake's Family's turn (we trade off each year)... and I have to say, I love both!!  At Blake's, there are younger cousins and lot's of action.  We had a jam-packed couple of days. 

Had to do the traditional gingerbread house
Gavin mostly just wanted the candy...
Christmas eve we went to a local nursing home and caroled to several rooms and put on a small program (so many talented musicians... we had to do it!!)
of course the real star was "Essie" the Lenons baby bulldog.  He got to Carol w/ us and pretty much spent the week as another member of the family!  Braden LOVED her.

The kiddies singing "Rudolph"
Matching jammies for the boys.  I have to insert here a little about Braden and Evan.  They are 8 months apart and don't get to see each other a whole lot, but it is fun to see them when they are together... especially now that they both talk!!  The conversations and all that practice sharing was hilarious to watch this year.  The great thing about 3 year-olds is when things get a little shaky, they are always friends 5 minutes later.

a self portrait by Braden Russell
The Nativity Shepherds.  Braden was supposed to be a Wiseman, but when he found out Evan was set to be a Shepherd he said,  "But, I wanted to be a Shepherd like Wuzzy."

Baby Jesus escapes....

Singing "Star of the East"... Papa's favorite
I wish I could get video to upload onto the blog.  This was definitely a highlight.  Plastic Santa would sing and Dance and Bray was obsessed with trying to mimic his moves... then he would turn into a robot/spiderman... it could go on and on!!

We had to leave a note and cookies for Santa and Carrots and Celery for the reindeer... we had been planning this all month
Christmas morning!!!!  One of Braden's big presents was a digital camera.  Had to do it.  He always begs me for mine so now he's got his own.  One of these days I need to download the pics he's got on there.  They are too funny!

Dog Dog... Gavy's favorite word

It was 65 degrees on Christmas (in the mountains... I know!!!!)  So, we took the kiddies to the park.

Making Biscuits and Gravy w/ Nana... This is the favorite tradition for just about everyone in Blake's fam... and now Braden too!
Bowling on Friday.
Uncle Darin is the best at making the kiddies laugh... he is the kid/bulldog whisperer.

A few more shots with Essie

What a fun trip... it went too fast!!!  Next time we are all together there will be 2 new additions!!!  Very exciting!