Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year... and other random musings

Sooooo... 2009 started out with a bang.  Actually, it was just me banging my head on the couch trying to clear my heavily congested head... sigh... there went our BIG New Year's Eve plans!!

We had a babysitter for ALL night.  Plans for dinner and a movie, and then a fun dance party from 1opm - ???  All the makings of a great NYEve.  Then... we ALL got sick.  The boys crashed by 9pm.  Blake was in and out... but mostly out.  So at 12 (the nyquil wasn't going to get the best of me yet) I sat there on the couch, watched the ball drop, promised to never spend another year like this again, then passed out (sniff, sniff).  It's been a rough 4 days at the Hart house, but I think I (well, we) are finally on the mend!!!  What a way to bring in the New Year.  One year (our first in NC) I rung in the New Year with Blake's Dad watching Maid in Manhattan.... I can't complain... Butch was/is great company, but I did have higher hopes for this year... oh well... I'm over it!!

So, on that note, I love a fresh start... Mondays, a new month... a New Year!!  There's some sort of motivation to starting over (this will be the year I loose 10lbs, get organized, get on top of my game, start that new class, hit record business highs etc, etc...)  So while I hope for all those things, I really just hope I can live in the moment, be a little more patient, not get so overwhelmed and yeah... definitely loose 10lbs :)  I did read however (going back to not getting overwhelmed) that if you tackle projects in smaller increments it helps reduce stress, i.e.: I don't have time to clean the entire house but I can get this one room.  Seriously... I stress over my house.  Which is crazy b/c I'm going to clean it and it's only going to get dirty again and I'm only going to clean it again.... I'm off topic!!!!  Anyway, happy new year to ALL and to all a good night.   Better get to bed.  Resolution #16: Go to bed before midnight.... 11:54 still counts.

Quote of the Day:  
Me to Blake:  "Braden ate 4 big pieces of Pizza tonight... man, that kid has an appetite"
Blake to Me:  "And that's why he poops man poop."


The Hyer Family said...

Love the quote...hate to be the one changing the man poop! Loved your Christmas card...unless you've already gotten's till en route...yeah, I'm a little late this year! And the solution to the house---a cleaning lady...the best money I spend all month and takes away the stress!

The Harts said...

thankfully he's potty trained and we just flush the man poop right down!!! I'm jealous of your cleaning lady!!

Krista Luke said...

Lindsay, i just have to say you make me laugh out loud! you are hilarious. it's like my comic relief at work to go to your blog and read about your optimistic attitude with all your crazy adventures. thanks for being so inspiring!