Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gearing Up For Another Week!!

Just a quick note before I hit the hay tonight!! I am SO TIRED!! Sundays are/have been the BUSIEST day for me lately. So much for a "day of rest"!!! This week I just had two photo shoots, but it seemed busy as I felt like I was booking something every day. It's a huge blessing to get such great business! I'm so grateful for the referrals! I have the best clients who open their mouths and SHARE, which is in turn, the best advertising for me AND the best compliment to me. Had to share one gorgeous shot from my Couture Shoot w/ the little miss D. Click here for more. PEACE OUT!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

September is Just FLYING!!

Whew... I can't keep up!! I did, however, find a little time tonight for a gigantic post on all of our happenings over the past few weeks! I hate being behind in my journaling/blogging... this makes me feel better!! Lot's of cute posts coming up. These pics are from a recent shoot the boys happened to be tagging along on. Gavin wanted nothing to do with anything but throwing rocks, while Braden kept saying, "Take more pictures of me Mommy"!! He's come a long way... I love it!!

The last little video on here is a Tribute to Big B (Grandpa). It is a poem I memorized when I was five as part of a program I was on... well, it's along story!! Anyway, I thought I would try and teach it to Braden and guess what... he totally learned in about a week! It's so cute. It's a little hard to understand him in the video, but I love that he has it memorized and he LOVES to say it... over and over again!!


Ava's B-day at Monkey Joes!!

While I'm up blogging, I may as well add these cute pics from Miss Ava's B-day Party a few weeks ago at Monkey Joes! The boys had a blast.

I did some two year-old shots for miss Ava last week... she is a DOLL!! And such a great poser. She literally did anything/everything I asked!! Here are two of my favs. For more of her and recent Hart to Hart Stuff... click here

Annual Spanish Branch Camp-Out - Sept. 2009

I must admit, I was very nervous to camp out with the whole family... in the tent... all night!! At Gavin's age, Braden had to be picked up at 2am b/c it just didn't work. Well, we decided to brave it anyway and guess what - it was awesome!! We slept from about midnight to 8am... no crying, no screaming... just a fun night under the stars (by way of a tent!)

Of course it wouldn't be a latin camp out with the carne asada feast Friday night!!

Gotta get that pico just right!
Gavin's BFF Jennifer... she's good for piggy back rides all night!
Buenas Noches!!

Bridal Fair - Sept. 2009

Just wanted to do a quick follow up post to the Bridal Fair last weekend! First off, it went GREAT!!! It was a smaller, more intimate setting so I got the opportunity to talk and spend more time with potential brides. And... one week later I have booked a wedding in Asheville, An engagement shoot with a cute couple and a bridal shoot as well...with more contacts and consults set up. Well worth the $ and effort already!!!

So, I am posting a few pics since this is my first time doing it on my own. I am a SKETCHER.... I draw any idea that I have and save it!! I saw this sitting on the computer tonight and thought it would be fun to compare how the idea actually came to pass... they are pretty close!!
This was Blake and I the night before, trying to figure out how to chain the pics up and basically just getting everything in order... couldn't have done it w/out him!!

Labor Day on Lake James - Sept. 2009

We had a GREAT day on the Lake with Steph and Darin's Family + Nana & Papa on Labor Day. We rented the Pontoon "Party Barge" and of course had the Lenon's Boat. I had a FABULOUS day in the sun on the barge... especially since Bray & Gavin spent almost the entire day on the speed boat in heaven!!! They also brought one of their Bulldogs Essie. Braden was beyond happy (he's been begging "I just wanna dog so bad"). Since that's not going to happen, he'll just have to settle for hangin' with Essie in her life jacket. He held on tight b/c he didnt' want her falling off the dock!! It was such a great day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pineville II Talent Show

First off, I must say, I am having MAJOR issues with time right now... mainly because there is just NO ENOUGH of it!!! I feel like I could go and go and go and never get the "to-do's" checked off... and that's just with my business... never mind, the house, the projects, the cleaning (although I do keep the kids a priority) which is why it is hard to find ME time... and I'm not talking pampering me time... I'm talking just plain old get stuff done. Whew... got that off my chest. So, of course I'm several weeks behind in blogging. Here's a start. Our Spanish Branch Talent Show a few weeks ago. I taught the ladies a semi-salsa to "Maria" by Ricky Martin and then Braden and Gavin wanted to show off some Karate moves. The primary also did the chicken dance. I CAN'T wait to post video of that... I'm sure I'll get around to it... ohhhhh... next year!!! But for now, here's a taste. Too funny :) (by the way, the video is short and bad, b/c it's from someone's camera. The person that was filming w/ my video cam said they couldn't find the record button and missed it?!?!)

chicken dance... bray's in white!!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Head Over Heels Bridal Fair - Sept. 13th - Arsley Hilton

Hart to Hart Digital will be participating the Head Over Heels Bridal Fair Sunday the 13th at the Arsley Hilton Ballroom. If you are getting married, or are just interested in viewing some great vendors and signing up for some FABULOUS prizes, please stop by!!! As a participating vendor I am supposed to spread the word!!! Consider it spread :)

Hart to Hart Digital will be giving away 2 free shoots. One Bridal Session w/ an 11 x 14 Linen Enlargement as a door prize and One Engagement or Bridal Session drawn from those signing up at my booth! I look forward to a great time networking and meeting potential brides!

I have also AMPED up my referral program!! Pretty exciting. If you are a local reader (or ANYONE actually, because I am ALL about the destination wedding as well) your referrals can earn you CASH!!! I am trying to make my next year my biggest wedding year yet...

Thursday, September 03, 2009


For anyone who has followed my blog for the past... hmmmm 4 years (that's right, it's been around a while!!!) I sound like a broken record every time September comes around! It's my absolute favorite month of the year and I have to give it a shout out :)

I actually wanted to write on Sept. 1st, but we spent half of the day in the Dr.'s office after Gavin woke up weezy and congested. We found out he has bronchitis and a double ear infection!! Okay, a little bit of a rocky start to my favorite month, but I'm sure things will turn around! Plus we are now the proud owners of a home nebulizer, adorable chicken mask and all. Kind of freaky at first, but now Gavin actually asks for it and it's really helped his breathing!! *see cute pics!!

So, why do I love September...

I love the weather and the overall change of pace of things. I don't have school-aged kids and Braden isn't doing the whole preschool thing until next year, so it's just us and we love our routine... but it's not so frantic as the summer for some reason?!?!

My birthday is this month and I don't shy away from my birthday!! It makes me happy and I embrace it. Plus it's my excuse to go salsa dancing, which makes me even happier!

I love the new fall line up AND the fact that "So You Think You Can Dance" starts again... man, could September get any better.

I LOVE THE WEATHER... Did I mention that already

My business picks up like crazy. It's weird b/c without fail each year in Sept. I start getting calls daily for fall bookings. It is the BEST time of year to take outdoor pictures (so if your considering... call me before it gets toooo busy!) I like a balanced amount of work - Holidays are crazy - Sept. is perfect!!

It's my transition month... I LOVE SUMMER and it makes me sad when it's over. Sept. lets me hold on for a few more weeks AND our pool is going to be open every weekend in Sept. whoot!

Let me know if I'm missing anything! Looking forward to a great month :)

*** LASTLY... my ode to summer cooking! One of my favorite things about summer is the FOOD and grilling out! These are some beautiful creations from last week... had to snap a shot. I will be doing plenty more grilling this month as well :)

Chicken veggie skewers, cranberry blue cheese salad, fresh corn on the cobb

Goat cheese, spinach & bacon wrapped grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, garden tomatoes.