Monday, September 21, 2009

September is Just FLYING!!

Whew... I can't keep up!! I did, however, find a little time tonight for a gigantic post on all of our happenings over the past few weeks! I hate being behind in my journaling/blogging... this makes me feel better!! Lot's of cute posts coming up. These pics are from a recent shoot the boys happened to be tagging along on. Gavin wanted nothing to do with anything but throwing rocks, while Braden kept saying, "Take more pictures of me Mommy"!! He's come a long way... I love it!!

The last little video on here is a Tribute to Big B (Grandpa). It is a poem I memorized when I was five as part of a program I was on... well, it's along story!! Anyway, I thought I would try and teach it to Braden and guess what... he totally learned in about a week! It's so cute. It's a little hard to understand him in the video, but I love that he has it memorized and he LOVES to say it... over and over again!!



Brandi said...

Your little guys are so cute!!! love it.

Tiff and Dan said...

could i die..stick to your task. that is the cutest thing ever! what a big boy! I loved all the updates. so fun to see what you guys have been up to. hope we can talk soon!

love ya!

Ally said...

Braden is smart as a whip! I can't wait to see you soon. :)

Samuel and Camille said...

Love Love Gavin's Hat!!! and stick to your task... WHAT A SMART KID!!!