Monday, August 24, 2009


While I'm here posting... I just put up some fun pics from recent shoots. Stop by:

Are you loving the grunge art or what!!

My Stroller Obsession!!

I'm kind of weird. When I get something in my mind, I tend obsess over it... over and over until I have found a solution. Latest obsession: Strollers. I have run the gamete, from the graco stroller/chair combo (ughhhhh), to the wimpy $15 umbrella from Target (extra ughhhhhhhhh). So, after lots of research (and actually owning the double from this maker) Maclaren is my winner... it has been all along, it's just my "got to have" brand happens to be pricey pricey. (At least for my budget). I absolutely loved my Maclaren double (see below), so I've been a believer from the start. The double just didn't last long, b/c try putting a 3-year-old in a stroller period... let alone next to a baby.

Sadly I sold it since it was just sitting in the garage and settled on using my umbrella for the time being. Long story short (wow, this is getting long) Blake accidentally left the stroller at a park (Blakeny) back in May. We have been "stroller-less" since, and I have been obsessing.

So, my DREAM stroller (since this is my obsession :) would be any one of these:

Of course if I had a girl, then it might have to be one of these:

Alas, I had to confine my search to the likes of craigslist... which is fabulous, except I kept getting great deals sold out from underneath me (I'm still mad about the Kate Spade Quest for $75 that sold while I was on my way to the girls house... oh well... it would've been a little too girly for G).

Drum roll... here's what I ended up with. The ever practical, neutral, charcoal Maclaren XT. It does the job and the handles are SUPER HIGH!!! It was a great deal so I'm happy. I'll keep dreaming of the Gap Quest, but for now, I'm going on a walk!!

ps - I know... I should be checking off other things on my check list, but I rarely blog about anything but our crazy trips, so this was a fun one!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hilton Head Trip - August 2009

As if the summer hasn't been jam packed enough, My fam decided that we needed one more quick trip... a "meet in the middle" sort of thing, and Hilton Head happens to be the perfect spot! We met in Hilton Head to Celebrate my Mom's 50th a couple of years ago, so here we are again, same place... a few more people and of course, lot's of fun!

The beautiful Crowne Plaza on the Beach

We brought home an entire bucket of sand dollars to bleach!!

The water and weather were PERFECT!! WOW!!

Some fun in the pool w/ Uncle Sam
We had to visit the beautiful Pier and the Salty Dog, though we didn't eat there this time around.
We ended up eating at Aunt Chiladas... this place has Mexican, Italian, Grill, Seafood, American etc... The perfect restaurant for my family. Where else can you have Nachos and Crab legs!!!

The last morning we did something that I've been wanting to do since we came down here last: BIKE RIDING!! HH has bike rentals and bike paths galore!! I could not wipe the smile off my face... it was a BLAST!!!

GOOD BYE fun trip. The good news... Taylor got to drive home with us! Yeah!!


Girl's Night Out, happens so rarely lately, I had to post a pic! We saw the Time Traveler's Wife... it was pretty good... I just enjoyed being out! Thanks for planning it, Candace :)

Cherokee Trip - August 7th and 8th 2009

This was an all inclusive, quick trip down to Cherokee, jam packed full of exciting adventures. The main reason for the trip was for Blake and many of the youth leaders from the Spanish Branch to take the youth (boys and girls... though the girls weren't able to camp w/ them) camping and tubing in the mountains. He actually piggy backed on a trip our brother-in-law Darin had planned for his youth... they are in one stake over in Marion. Then it ended up being this huge activity w/ youth from Asheville, Cherokee, Marion, Charlotte etc... long story short, it was a great experience for the kids (and even Braden got to tag along!!). Lot's of hiking and tubing, while Gavin and I hung w/ Nana and had our fun. Sat. afternoon we all ran over to "Santa's Land" (the first few shots are from there). The boys had a BLAST... I think this was one of my favorite trips down!

those are Japanese koi fish... really weird!

I think this was definitely the favorite... as they are BOTH obsessed w/ motorcycles!

During the 5 mile hike, Braden somehow found a way to be carried almost the entire time - Thanks to Daddy and Hermano Gonzales!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Newest Venture... And it's for a GOOD Cause!!

I just posted this on my Hart to Hart Blog and created a Facebook Group... so I may as well post here since It's something I'm very excited about!!

I had such a wonderful experience last month photographing Buck that I have decided to continue reaching out. With that, I am so excited to present: PHOTOGRAPHY WITH HART - a charitable slice of Hart to Hart Digital Design.
It was created in hopes of reaching out to children with illness, whether terminal or on the road to recovery. Photographs create a tangible reminder of moments shared and my goal is to document and preserve those precious moments in time for families to cherish forever.

Photography with Hart offers free charitable session by referral and/or request and I need your help. You can nominate a baby, child or family today by contacting me at: Send a brief email including the story and history of the nominee, plus any additional contact information. I look forward to continuing to reach out into the community with this simple gift.

Thanks for your help!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Marliss, Melia & Bria's Visit!!

The good times keep on coming. The Harts left Sat. and then Marliss, who was visiting family in Virginia realized she was only 3 hours away from us here in Charlotte, decided to make the trek down. We were excited for more fun visitors!! They arrived Sunday morning and stayed until Wed. We had a BLAST. I wish I would've had my camera for our multiple pool trips. That was a highlight! We also hit Carmellas for Tues. night $1 slices. The hilarity of the night was NO where to sit indoors and a huge rainstorm outdoors. We ended up eating in Baskin Robbin's with a promise to buy lot's of cones. We also hit up Plaza Fiesta, which was pure madness... and just had a great time let the kids play. I tried to get a few pictures of Melia & Bria... they are beauties (but not too happy about pictures... oh well!!)

A Day at Lake James and Miss Millie's Visit

So, 4 days after we got back from Atlanta, we drove over to Lake James and met Blake's family for a day of boating and fun (photos of that to follow). That night Ally, Susan, Millie and Leah came for a visit until Sat. The boys absolutely fell in love with her!! Here's a few cute pics:

G loves to give "loves"

Sat. morning we had a little photo shoot... got some adorable shots!! LOVE those cheeks!

Naomi's Blessing Weekend - Atlanta, July 2009

We weren't home too long before we were off again!! This time we headed to Atlanta (a little closer) for Blake's Brother's Baby Blessing (okay that's a mouth full). We swam, played, ate at the Varsity (a MUST... if only for the experience!!!) and enjoyed lots of family time :)

I took a few shots of beautiful baby Naomi
Braden & Evan playing catch with Papa
The Hart Sibs
Cousins & Second Cousins... so many boys - so much fun!

Dinner at the Varsity... my first time. We had to do it!
Sat. was our pool day... all in all a great trip!!