Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It dawned on me tonight, that today was absolutely a perfect day!! Here's the deets:
The boys and I got up and hit the Library early to get tickets for a little magic show later in the morning. The lady before me got the last tickets, but then she saw that we had friends there so she gave us hers! After the magic show, the boys went to the neighbors for our fabulous trade! I made a TON of headway with some of my own personal projects (usually I am working on pictures for others so this was nice), then I headed to the pool BY MYSELF for the last hour. HEAVEN. I picked up the boys, put G down for a nap and Braden and I had 2 hours of fun. We made cookies for some neighbors, practice letters and numbers and then he cleaned his room BY HIMSELF!! Ohhhh, it just keeps getting better. Blake called and said he wanted to meet at the pool, so around 6 we hit the pool again. And may I just add that the weather was perfect today as well! We had a blast at the pool and then came home to one of my absolute favorite dinners: Asian Chicken Salad.. yummmm... I ended the night w/ my fav. show, So You Think You Can Dance... (tivo-ing myself through all the commercials... is there any other way!) Man it was awesome!!! Seriously, you can't plan days like this. I just love when they happen!!!

This boy is like his daddy... he loves to help in the kitchen!!
(thank you timer camera!!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A VERY Special Opportunity...

I just posted a little of this story on my site. Thought I would share it on this site as well. The day before we left on our trip, I had the opportunity to photograph little Buck. A very sweet and special 2 year-old with cancer. It happened to be a referral that has now sparked something that I hope to be very meaningful. Here are a few of the pictures from the shoot. I posted a few more on harttohart's blog. Stay tuned for more details on my new idea... I may need your help!!

Want to see more from the latest shoots... keep up with HART TO HART DIGITAL at:

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello BLOG-O-SHPERE!! I’m back and so excited to journal/blog the details of quite an amazing trip. Taking a month off was fantastic… and actually pretty stress free. Coming home is the tough part, but it’s been a good first day, so hopefully I can get this all posted before it’s old news.

So, I really debated on whether I should share EVERY little detail like I am always inclined to do. My first thoughts are, no really cares about every little picture… but then I thought, this is a recording for myself and my family, and I’ll want to look back and remember EVERYTHING, so what the heck... I’m doing a massive post and if it’s too boring, just SCROLL DOWN!!!

Also, I can’t take credit for this huge post! I went through and chose the pics I wanted (which was no small feat considering we literally have a thousand, between all 5 cameras) and my sister Camille uploaded every single one. I did her hair and make-up at her reception… she did my blog! I LOVE a good trade ☺

If you want to start from the beginning, scroll down to the “Bridals” entry and scroll up from there. If not, just start scrolling and enjoy the wild ride!!!!

*disclaimer: It's 2am and I'm trying to re-arrange pics and add commentary - that will explain any typos and all that jazz!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our Final Day... the ZOO

One last final adventure at the Brevard Zoo on the Space Coast. Just Me, Grandma and the boys... what a treat. We had so much fun finishing the trip w/ a bang.

The absolute coolest part: feeding the giraffes. Amazing!

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Later That Day...

We decided we couldn't live without a visit to the beach. We went back to our favorite little spot in Cocoa... the Holiday Inn Resort w/ the pirate ship boat. The BEST part though, was the BOOGIE BOARDING!! It's official: Braden can ride the waves. He was loving it and I couldn't believe how brave he was. We would paddle out pretty far, catch the wave and I'd send him on crossing my fingers that he wouldn't wipe out. It was the most fun I've had at the beach in a long time!! Go Bray!

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Kappe the Monkey

The day before we left, Uncle Sam took the boys to see a friendly monkey that actuallylives right down the street. I think they tracted into him (well, his owner!!) on his mission... He can crack open a can of soda and tear into his own snacks. Pretty impressive friend there Sam!

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4th of July

We started the day with a bike parade in the neighborhood... such a cute idea!!! Braden borrowed a bike (thanks Tom) and we were off... Benton, was of course pulling (pushing) while Gavy lounged!

later on a bunch of kids from the Disney Singles Ward came down and went boating for the afternoon. Braden was just happy to be included w/ the big kids. It was a gorgeous day!

Ahma, patiently teaching Braden to wakeboard - I think they were out there like this for at least an hour!!

And we can't leave G out!

Look at the big boy on the jet ski!! Gavin's favorite thing! He could've spent the entire day in the water... it was so nice!

Our own mini fireworks spectacular... pretty sweet.


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The Florida Reception - July 3rd

Well, we made it to ROUND 2. The Florida Reception. Camille always said she wanted to do it in our backyard, and we always said "but it will rain!!!". AND RAIN IT DID... from 6-6:30pm. Then it cleared at the party got started!! It was a blast. The pictures are in backwards order.

Marliss and the girls drove up from Fort Meyers before there trip to NY. It was really fun to see them. Her girls can DANCE. Hmmmm, where do they get that from!

We had the BEST latin DJ, who kept saying "one more song" from the hours of 9:15 to 10:45. You gotta love it!

Earlier in the evening... about one hour into the reception. Gavin could NOT resist the lake. He had about 3 costume changes that night

We did the flowers and decorating ourselves. EVERYTHING turned out gorgeous! THE BEST part though, was the food. Sam served his mission in FL and is friends w/ a fantastic guy who catered the whole thing. From amazing appetizers, and several food entrees, to the venetian dessert bar and huge wedding cake... it was a HIT!

Hey beautiful lady!!

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A Visit from Yacumba and Lizette

Some nights (most nights) Braden just REALLY does not like to go to bed!!! Thankfully, a visit from our dear friends Gran... errr... Yacumba and his lovely pal Lizette, makes it a little easier. I love when Dad goes into the closet, b/c you never know what he's going to come out in!

I'm laughing so hard, I'm rolling!

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