Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello BLOG-O-SHPERE!! I’m back and so excited to journal/blog the details of quite an amazing trip. Taking a month off was fantastic… and actually pretty stress free. Coming home is the tough part, but it’s been a good first day, so hopefully I can get this all posted before it’s old news.

So, I really debated on whether I should share EVERY little detail like I am always inclined to do. My first thoughts are, no really cares about every little picture… but then I thought, this is a recording for myself and my family, and I’ll want to look back and remember EVERYTHING, so what the heck... I’m doing a massive post and if it’s too boring, just SCROLL DOWN!!!

Also, I can’t take credit for this huge post! I went through and chose the pics I wanted (which was no small feat considering we literally have a thousand, between all 5 cameras) and my sister Camille uploaded every single one. I did her hair and make-up at her reception… she did my blog! I LOVE a good trade ☺

If you want to start from the beginning, scroll down to the “Bridals” entry and scroll up from there. If not, just start scrolling and enjoy the wild ride!!!!

*disclaimer: It's 2am and I'm trying to re-arrange pics and add commentary - that will explain any typos and all that jazz!!


Brandi said...

WOW Lindsay! What a trip. I'm SO happy that you guys had such a great time. It's fun being gone for a month hu? I enjoyed reading about everything and seeing your gorgeous pictures. You'll be so glad you have this to look back on someday. Great memories.

brandi said...

Lindsay, what a GREAT blog =) I am so glad you got to have such a whirlwind of a vacation and still got to create wonderful memories at the same time. It was a lot of fun to read.

JenFlores said...

Hi Lindsay! I'm so glad you found our blog, I lost your email address a while ago.
We wish we could've made it to Camille's wedding, but as we were moving out of state it just didn't work out, unfortunately. (you ladies looked so GORGEOUS!)
All of your photos are adorable, looks like your family has had quite the adventure, that's awesome! Your boys are TOO cute for words!
SO great to see your photos and chat with you. Now it will be easier to keep in touch. Take care!

Alaine said...

Sooo much fun to visit your blog! What fun memories. Loved the pictures and a little chance to peek in at your trip.

Andria Laws said...

Holy cow that WAS an enormous blog! You are amazing with all that you do. I loved looking at all the pictures and seeing what you've been up to. You look beautiful, love your outfit at the zoo. Loved the wedding pictures. Loved the snapshot of your brother hugging your parents (so touching and real). Loved your photo wall and bar stools and place mats. You have a golden touch with every thing you do! (: