Sunday, November 29, 2009

THANKSGIVING with the Fam in Charlotte

Our thanksgiving holiday started out with a bang... (and a super early one at that) My Mom, Dad, 2 Bros. & Sister drove through the night to be here by Wed. morning!! They called Tues. night and said, "who needs sleep - we've got 5 drivers, we'll be there in the morning"!! Okay, now you see where I get it :) Anyway, we had a blast. Ashlee flew in from Texas on Tues. and we did all the shopping! Wed. we hit on the Border (Mexican is a MUST when our family gathers!!) Thursday we all ate ourselves into a food coma, played games and relaxed.

gotta get the guitars out...
Doing the "bock bock" dance the night before. Invented by Sheri!!

Friday was project day... but somehow Blake talked a few of us into getting up at 4am for Black Friday. I must admit I have NEVER done this before but it was actually fun. We hit some GREAT deals at the mall and even got $10 gift cards for every $100 that we spent! That was awesome... So, back to the project. It's sort of a tradition that we knock something big out whenever my Dad is here... sorry Dad, but you're just too good! This year we decided to do crown molding downstairs. We had some good helpers!!

Of course we had to get the tree up and decorated!! I love seeing little chubby fingers helping out so carefully!! Everything looks Christmas-ie around here!!

A HUGE THANKS to the fam, for making this Thanksgiving so memorable!!! Next time we're together (3 WEEKS) we'll be cruisin' to the BAHAMAS!!! CAN'T WAIT :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Duhnuh, nuhnuh, nuhnuh, nuhnuh BATMAN!!!

That fact that these boys are even in costumes, is a feat unto its own!! October, was hands down one of the busiest months to date. Starting in Cherokee, then Tahoe & Phoenix, pulling off both Blake and Braden's Parties, then Ashlee's visit, finishing with our 10 day trip to Florida, plus photo shoots galore in between... like I said, it's a wonder we even made it to Halloween!! Saturday, I was scrambling to get candy & costumes pulled together and this is what we came up with!! Aunt Ash had bought the Optimus mask for Braden (that's what he picked out) but then a good friend let us borrow the Batman costume, so last minute, Braden changed his mind to Batman and Gavin became Optimus Prime. It was such a fun night!! I barely made it home from a photo shoot, so despite that and a little rain, we had a blast collecting candy. Around 8 Blake & G went to a Quincinera (someone from the branch). Braden and I were just too worn out. Whew.... I think I am just about caught up now :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Disney WORLD!!!

I am FINALLY catching up on the rest of my Florida trip postings (thanks to Cami). At this rate, I'll have my Halloween pics up by Christmas :) I can't even begin to say how much fun Disney was this time around w/ the boys. It was just us + Grandpa... such a great, low key day. The weather was GORGEOUS and we literally walked on any ride that we wanted to. We also got to eat at Rainforest Cafe, which was a huge wish for Bray. We had been seeing commercials on the Disney channel for months, so it was fun for him to actually be there (pricey but worth going at least once for the experience... and yes, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets really do taste better!!)
No, I am not pregnant, even though I look like it!!! Note to self... never where that shirt again!

The BUZZ Light year ride + meeting the actual "Buzz" was a highlight for sure :)

The parks closed a little early to reopen for all the Halloween Spectacular... looked like fun!!

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Gimme S'more of that Camp Fire Fun

One of our all time favorite Florida things is to build a campfire on the beach/sand part of the lake, roast marshmallows, sing songs, and watch the kiddies run around. It's even more fun when our neighbors, the Borchardts stop by!! The boys love Josh... he's a great friend.

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Fishing at the Neighbor's Pond

This was definitely a highlight!! We caught fish after fish (catch and release) and by the end, Braden was worming his own poll
(if that's a real term!!)

Picking out their polls was part of the boys B-day gift from G-ma & G-pa
Even Gavy's touching worms...

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just a little shout out...

Alright guys, it's midnight and I just walked in the door from the most amazing Wedding Photographers Seminar. I am on a motivational high amidst a crazy, chaotic couple of days that are only going to get busier, but that will be for another post!! Amidst the chaos though, I have let certain wifely duties *cleaning, laundry, unpacking from a trip I got home from on FRIDAY ETC...* fall WAY WAY by the way side. "I swear I'll do it tomorrow" is not really working for me!! So, the point of this random and quick entree tonight is to give a HUGE heartfelt shout out to the Man who keeps me together. He is the most supportive tag-teamer (if that's a word) a gal could ask for. AND.... on top of all that, when I walked in the door tonight, the house was SPOTLESS... PLUS he had unpacked me and the kids AND done FOUR LOADS OF LAUNDRY - washed and folded. Oh Blake!! You rock my world. Seriously, this guys is busy, but he finds time to be the best dad and "domestified" husband around. THANK YOU!!!! I'm so lucky and I couldn't do it without you :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Lake Tahoe - Phoenix Trip 10/09

I know this is a little out of order in the context of this month (which has been a little busy, if you've already read below!!!). But anyway, I wanted to finally post just a tidbit of one of the most amazing trips/weddings I've been apart of. This was a special one, b/c it happened to be a good friend from high school. I love a destination wedding... combine that with some great friends and familiar faces and it makes for some pretty amazing shots.

Lake Tahoe (my first time... which is crazy b/c we would vacation in Northern Cal at a lake EVERY summer - somehow we never made it to Tahoe??) Anyway, this place is AMAZING!!! The pictures w/ the guys by the rocks... not even color-enhanced... the water is seriously THAT BLUE!!! The day was perfect. Not really any other word to describe it. A LOT of hard work, but a TON of fun!! Carrie one of my dearest friends and bestest friends and Hot Mama of 6, joined me for the weekend and kept me going! She learned all the equipment fast, drove, handed me mints, shades, lenses etc... It was so nice to have such a great *assistant*!! After our weekend in Tahoe, we flew together to her home in Phoenix and I stayed for a few days to play. That was a rare opportunity as well, since I'm not sure when I'll ever be out there again.

Anyway, here are just a few pics (other than the two thousand wedding ones I took!!!) First a few of my favorite shots from the wedding day. For the complete SNEAK PEEK, CLICK HERE

Carrie got a few of me in action!!!

The Mt. Carmel High School Crew!! All the guys were STILL dancin' up a storm!

Our rockin' room with a view!! We stayed at Harrah's Lake Tahoe... my old stompin' ground... well Harrah's at least. Not sure how many people know this, but when Blake and I first got married (while he was working on his Masters) I worked at Harrah's Cherokee as a Casino Host and in Events/Promotions. It was crazy being in the Casino scene again... even if it was just for the weekend. How did I do two years! I guess it was fun at the time :)

A few random shots from Phoenix. Gotta pose for old time's sakes!! Oh the model shoots we would compose back in the day... we'll pretty much up until we were seniors!!! I guess I was always destined to be behind the camera (definitely not in front lol)