Monday, November 02, 2009

Lake Tahoe - Phoenix Trip 10/09

I know this is a little out of order in the context of this month (which has been a little busy, if you've already read below!!!). But anyway, I wanted to finally post just a tidbit of one of the most amazing trips/weddings I've been apart of. This was a special one, b/c it happened to be a good friend from high school. I love a destination wedding... combine that with some great friends and familiar faces and it makes for some pretty amazing shots.

Lake Tahoe (my first time... which is crazy b/c we would vacation in Northern Cal at a lake EVERY summer - somehow we never made it to Tahoe??) Anyway, this place is AMAZING!!! The pictures w/ the guys by the rocks... not even color-enhanced... the water is seriously THAT BLUE!!! The day was perfect. Not really any other word to describe it. A LOT of hard work, but a TON of fun!! Carrie one of my dearest friends and bestest friends and Hot Mama of 6, joined me for the weekend and kept me going! She learned all the equipment fast, drove, handed me mints, shades, lenses etc... It was so nice to have such a great *assistant*!! After our weekend in Tahoe, we flew together to her home in Phoenix and I stayed for a few days to play. That was a rare opportunity as well, since I'm not sure when I'll ever be out there again.

Anyway, here are just a few pics (other than the two thousand wedding ones I took!!!) First a few of my favorite shots from the wedding day. For the complete SNEAK PEEK, CLICK HERE

Carrie got a few of me in action!!!

The Mt. Carmel High School Crew!! All the guys were STILL dancin' up a storm!

Our rockin' room with a view!! We stayed at Harrah's Lake Tahoe... my old stompin' ground... well Harrah's at least. Not sure how many people know this, but when Blake and I first got married (while he was working on his Masters) I worked at Harrah's Cherokee as a Casino Host and in Events/Promotions. It was crazy being in the Casino scene again... even if it was just for the weekend. How did I do two years! I guess it was fun at the time :)

A few random shots from Phoenix. Gotta pose for old time's sakes!! Oh the model shoots we would compose back in the day... we'll pretty much up until we were seniors!!! I guess I was always destined to be behind the camera (definitely not in front lol)


brandi said...

Wow Lindsay! It looks like so much fun! Is Mark May in one of those pix?? I can't believe Carrie is a mother of 6, she looks fantastic! I am so happy for you, you really are talented!

Dubai Young Women said...

the pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

The Hunt Family said...

I really needed that little get-away! It was so nice to laugh out loud and to see Lindsay in action! Let's do this again in a couple years!

themacmomma said...

I love that you gals do this. I need to try to hit a show. This year looks a little dissapointing so far. I hope they step it up!

Your photos are beautiful! Your family is so cute!