Saturday, November 14, 2009

Duhnuh, nuhnuh, nuhnuh, nuhnuh BATMAN!!!

That fact that these boys are even in costumes, is a feat unto its own!! October, was hands down one of the busiest months to date. Starting in Cherokee, then Tahoe & Phoenix, pulling off both Blake and Braden's Parties, then Ashlee's visit, finishing with our 10 day trip to Florida, plus photo shoots galore in between... like I said, it's a wonder we even made it to Halloween!! Saturday, I was scrambling to get candy & costumes pulled together and this is what we came up with!! Aunt Ash had bought the Optimus mask for Braden (that's what he picked out) but then a good friend let us borrow the Batman costume, so last minute, Braden changed his mind to Batman and Gavin became Optimus Prime. It was such a fun night!! I barely made it home from a photo shoot, so despite that and a little rain, we had a blast collecting candy. Around 8 Blake & G went to a Quincinera (someone from the branch). Braden and I were just too worn out. Whew.... I think I am just about caught up now :)


Brandi said...

Aww I love the last picture of them in action! so cute. You did have a way busy month. I would have to rest the whole month of Nov. to recover! HAHA!

Ally said...

I love how Braden's (and thus, Gavin's) go-to move is always the Spiderman web shooter, not matter what he's wearing. So funny!