Friday, May 29, 2009


WE LOVED having my sister Ashlee here for the entire week leading up to our trip to Florida. She helped SO MUCH (sorry if I'm repeating myself) but I honestly don't know how I would've gotten through the week. AND the boys are completely attached. They had so much fun!

Anyway, aside from all the photography busy-ness, we managed to fit in a few projects as we always do. The first was a picture memory wall right at my entry way. I've been wanting to do this for a year and a half now. WE FINALLY did it. I think I was just not wanting to actually hang the pictures b/c I thought it would be a pain. It took a lot of measuring, but it was worth it... I love it!!

This one was pretty quick. I found some cool fabric that I wanted to recover a couple of barstool type chairs I have in the dinning room. I had extra fabric so I sewed 6 place mats to match.
You can accomplish so much with TIVO playing on the side and the kids in bed!!! Love it. Thanks for coming Ash :)

Memorial Day Weekend - May 2009

This post is about a week old, but better late then never!! I had to incude LOTS of pictures and of course I upoaded them in reverse order (love how easy blogger makes it to upload and rearrange pics by the way :() But anyway, we had the Hyatt clan with us this past weekend and also planned a branch "carne asade party" on Sunday, so our house was packed the entire weekend. The Hyatt's have 5 with one more on the way and I have to say they were a DELIGHT to have stay. Their kids are incredibly polite and well behaved and it was a great time all around. We hit the pool on Monday... a little cold, yes... did the kids mind... NO!!

These are a few from the branch party. We had some major rainstorms last week/weekend and of course the boys couldn't resist the mud. Oh well... I was too busy eating my weight in carne asada and guacamole to care!

A pretty good half group shot!

Presidente A.K.A the grill master

My little family of 4 seemed incredibly manageable after this weekend!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Check out these studs...

It's been waaaaaay too busy today, so this is the only posting I can muster!!! Just 2 quick pics of my boys! MORE pics to come soon. Had a photo shoot (more on that later too) and then half the spanish branch over for carne asade.... it was a packed house tonight... My consolation... Florida in 2 DAYS BABY!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ashlee's Here!!

Just picked Ashlee up tonight and the boys are already attached!!  She is laying w/ Braden right now, though it's almost 11pm and I still hear them talking, so I can only imagine the conversation!!  I am SO HAPPY to have her here this week.  Aside from the obvious amounts of GREAT fun we are going to have, it is going to be a little crazy this week!  Blake is gone almost every night and I have 4 shoots: Wed., Thurs., Sat. and Sun (a catholic baptism... should be interesting!?!?!)  Saturday I have a wedding and we did their Bridals this past weekend.  I posted a few of my favs on the new blog:  

I also have a few more pics to post from this past weekend w/ Nana & Papa.  They came down for a quick visit and to be here as Blake was called to be the new Branch President Sunday.  That will be a whole different post.  For now, I better sign of and see if I can tear Ash away from Braden's room so we can watch our Tivo'd Dancing w/ the Stars Finale!!!  Goodnight!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - May 2009

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Mother's Day - it's been fabulous.  Started w/ breakfast in bed.  Then, Blake gave a beautiful talk on Mother's at church.  He gave me a gorgeous lily corsage, chocolate and cooked an amazing steak and shrimp dinner (wow, I think I am out of superlatives!!!).  Thanks to my sweet boys... love you!!

Just had to post a few pics of the Branch's Mother's Day Party.  

Here we are rockin' the Mackarena (sp??)
Braden found himself a little dance partner... oops, with a see through skirt!

I had to post these from my last Sunday in Primary!!  I have been in Primary for the past 3 years and just got released as Primary President.  It was bitter sweet.  I seriously love those kids (and the other ladies in there).  But I will move on... sniff!!!
I love Braden's face here... he can really ham it up!