Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - May 2009

This post is about a week old, but better late then never!! I had to incude LOTS of pictures and of course I upoaded them in reverse order (love how easy blogger makes it to upload and rearrange pics by the way :() But anyway, we had the Hyatt clan with us this past weekend and also planned a branch "carne asade party" on Sunday, so our house was packed the entire weekend. The Hyatt's have 5 with one more on the way and I have to say they were a DELIGHT to have stay. Their kids are incredibly polite and well behaved and it was a great time all around. We hit the pool on Monday... a little cold, yes... did the kids mind... NO!!

These are a few from the branch party. We had some major rainstorms last week/weekend and of course the boys couldn't resist the mud. Oh well... I was too busy eating my weight in carne asada and guacamole to care!

A pretty good half group shot!

Presidente A.K.A the grill master

My little family of 4 seemed incredibly manageable after this weekend!!!

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Sabina said...

Gracias por la fiesta y por todo, que la pases muy bien en Utah, te vamos a extranar, y estare pensando en vos miercoles y Jueves SYTYCD.