Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am heading to CALIFORNIA on Saturday.... to shoot a wedding!!!  I am getting so excited, I just had to sit down and finally post about it.  It's going to be a family affair.  I fly into LAX Sat. morning and meet up w/ Dad, Cami & Sam (her fiance), Aunt Carol, Candace, Grandma, Grandpa, Chris, Rachel, Vito (am I missing anyone?!?!?!).  We will then head up to San Luis Obispo for the weekend wedding festivities.  The wedding will be at the:

It looks adorable.... I can't wait.  Blake is vying for husband of the year for a second month in a row and is keeping the kids (though, actually they are heading down to Cherokee to stay w/ his parents, which will be a lot of fun!!).   Will let you know how it goes... (I am trying not to be nervous) 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Fall Card - 2008

"So You Think You Can Dance" 2008

A few pics from the show:

The Door Dance - one of my all time favorites.  I just love the way Twitch moves!!

Bollywood - AMAZING

So... after the show, Ashlee and I were bound and determined to meet/take pics w/ the dancers.  We were like screaming school girls (along with a few other "super fans" we met up with!!!)  The dancers were so cool and stayed until the bitter end (almosts 1am) to take pictures.  It started raining towards the end (you can see the big rain drops coming down) but we had to get our Joshua & Twitch picture.   Will was one of the only ones we didn't get to see... bummer... but oh well, all in all a very memorable night.

I love this guy!!
and of course, this one too!!!

Chelsea was adorable.  We told her we were all BYU alum and one of the girls we were with asked if she was Mormon... I mean, c'mon... three from Utah, there's got to be at least one!!!  She was like, "YES, I'm VERY mormon".  Too cute.

Ahhhh... here come's the rain.... we were determined to stick it out though....


That started off a little crazy... but hey, that is my life!!!  So, I just have to share what happened to me on Monday.  I had an outdoor shoot (family of 5) that were meeting here at 4pm to drive to the location.  Around 2:30 I started my usual routine of checking/clearing the CF card, making sure the battery had a full charge, gathering all the equipment etc..  After I finished wiping the compact flash card I went to insert it into my camera.  It stuck a little so I gave it a gentle push to click it into the card compartment.  As I turned on the camera to take a test shot (thank goodness I thought to do it then) it read CF card error.  I pulled out the card and to my horror it had bent one of the "hairline-sized" sensor pins.  Long story short the camera was completely unusable.  OKAY... don't panic!!!  If it was only that shoot, I could've rescheduled, but I had shoots Wed., Sat., Sunday and a wedding out in San Louis Obispo the 23rd.  NOT GOOD.  I grabbed the kids and jumped in the car and started driving.  I had no plan, but I ended up at Wolf Camera.  One of the techs worked w/ a small paper clip to try and "pull" the sensor pin straight, but to no avail!!!  Now I am panic.  The worst part is that we are in the middle of Gavin's nap time and he is FREAKING out.   Crying, squirming etc...  Braden is trying not to destroy the store and had a little accident in his pants (which hasn't happened in forever, so that was great timing!!!).  

So, at this point, I just don't know what to do and the tech can tell that I'm not going to leave without a solution.  So... out of the ABSOLUTE kindness of her heart she say's, "If you want to buy the Canon 40D (the upgrade from my 30D and an AMAZING camera... though priced at $1,100 just for the body), you can use your lens and I will take it back and do a full refund within 30 days (usually they only do 10 days, but my camera will take over 2 weeks to fix so that won't help... especially with the WEDDING!!!).  WOW... that girl did not have to do that... full well knowing that I have several shoots in the next few weeks and that I'm going to be using the camera and then just returning it.  I was SOOO GRATEFUL!  

The rest of the week went uphill from there.  Ashlee came on Tuesday and Wednesday was the highly anticipated "So You Think You Can Dance" show.  It was FABULOUS.  I'll post pictures at the top.  We had so much fun w/ ASH... she helped a ton w/ the boys and we worked on some fun projects... it's always a great time!!  Thanks for turning this week around Ash!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Holiday Collection 2008

Just thought I'd share my Holiday Newsletter!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

AHOY... the Pirate Plundering Continues....

HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  This was such a fun year and if you can't tell, we got some major use out of these costumes (I think the kids wore them 4 different times).  We got free kids meals at Jersey Mike's for dressing up, hit the neighborhood party next and then hit the streets for some major trick o' treating.  I love this holiday!!! 

Gettin' ready to hit the partay!  This picture makes me laugh so hard.  Gavin's pants that were supposed to be "drawstring" were so tight... no string needed.

These pirates were riding in style.  

What handsome laddies

SCORE... this is my favorite part of halloween.  Dumping out the "loot" and picking out the good stuff.  Braden and I go perfect together: he loves the chocolate, I love all the fruity things like skittles, sour patch, dots, mike & ikes etc... (Blake thinks it's gross... mo' fo me)

little matey is walking!!!