Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo Class

I got asked to teach two 1hr. back to back photography classes last Sat. at the Stake Relief Society Picnic.  Ahhhh!!!  I definitely did not think I knew enough to say okay, but hey, I couldn't really say no.  So... at least I made a really cool hand out. I was stressin' it, but I think it went okay!!!


So, this evening I had to shoot Bridals uptown at Freedom Park.  We finished early and since Blake and the Boys had stuck around to play, I decided I couldn't pass up a gorgeous evening (from torrential rains yesterday to this today).  I wanted to get some shots of the boys (of course :) and practice my depth of field shooting.  I have been doing straight manual settings and it makes such a difference.  I was trying to get a very shallow depth of field and make the eyes POP.  Anyway, Gavin was the only real "willing" participant.  You'll see in the shots, Braden is either running away, coughing or thinking about running away!!  A lot of them are over exposed a little bit, but I sort of wanted it that way.  Here are few...

I know I post lot's of "posed" pix... I'll try and post more "around-the-house-candids" soon!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Picture-less Blogging!!!

(Long exhale)... It's been a very busy few weeks!!!!  I wanted to get a new post up tonight, but since I'm too tired to wait for pics to upload maybe I'll just write.  I think these past 2 weeks have been two of the craziest I've had in a while.  I had 6 photo shoots in 9 days and Blake was sick for about 7 of those days.  The boys and I have been in and out of experiencing whatever he had?!?! Uhhhggg, it was rough.  But when it rains it pours business, so I can't complain.  I'm just happy to have made it through.  On another random note, Wicked was here in Charlotte this past week and a half and I wanted to go SOOOO BAD!  Tickets were impossible to get.  Then I found out they were holding a lottery for 20 orchestra seats 2 1/2 hours before the show every day and was convinced that was my way in!!!  I went down and tried to get tickets the second day... no luck.  Blake went back a few days later and tried... no luck.  Tonight was the last night and I'm sad thinking I missed it.  I'll just have to console myself w/ the soundtrack (thanks Mom!!)  I do, however, now know exactly what I want to do for my 30th!!!!  Tiff... is Wicked playing in London in September??!?!! Going to CRASH!!  Goodnight.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Visit From Papa and Flopsy

Just had to post a few of these funny pictures from last night. Papa came down for a quick visit and since it was too cold to bring the motorcycle, he opted for Flopsy (Nana's Easter Bunny surprise) that now lives with another family. He drove an hour out of his way to pick Flopsy up. Braden was ecstatic (especially since Flopsy has been appearing regularly in his prayers since Easter). Thanks for the fun Papa!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cowboy Braden

We were at playgroup the other day and Braden asked if we could borrow this horse for a while! He's been on it every since. So funny... had to post these pics.

G's getting in on the action too

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Branch Hunt

Yet another fun Easter Egg Hunt. A couple of us Mom's from the Branch got together the day after Easter at the Hyatt's for one more hunt - a great way to stretch out the Holiday!

Leitze Easter Egg Hunt

These are a few pics from a small Easter Egg Hunt we had at Ava's house the week before Easter. These guys are the 3 Amigos and had a great time even though it rained.