Sunday, December 18, 2005


What a fun week/weekend! The highlight: The Rockettes Radio City Christmas show (my surprise Chrismtas present). Saturday Braden got to see Santa at the ward Christmas Party... he was pretty thrilled:) We can't wait for Florida... I'm sure we'll have lots more pictures in a few weeks! Until then, Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


These are just a bunch of random pictures! I can't believe how cute and chubby Braden is getting. We also figured out this week that Daddy can still do dishes at night and hold Braden thanks to the snugli (thanks Marla).

Totally 80's

Okay... anyone that knows me, knows how much my life has revolved around dressing up... I am especially game if it involves leg warmers, side pony tails and anything bedazzled... which pretty much sums up the 80's. Anyway, these are a few pictures of Sonny Crockett (Miami Vice) and I on our way to a "So you think you were cool" flashback dance at the church:) Once we got there we realized no one else had dressed up. Total bust... but at least we had fun!

Fun Times!

Nap time... that boppy is just so relaxing.
We baby sat cute Leah a few weeks ago... I think her a Braden are getting to be good friends... especially after that smootch!

Braden also loves his big blue dog! Thanks Leslie!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Just wanted to post a picture of the happy occasion!! Tiff (a.k.a. the beef-meister, fanny-pack, estefani etc...) and Dan got engaged November 19th and will be getting married in Utah on May 12th. Congrats to the cutest couple ever!!