Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blake's Office Shower - Sept. 2007

THE NEW HOUSE - Sept. 2007

Well... here it is! A work in progress, but we've had a lot of fun decorating and painting thus far! We're still trying to figure out what to do w/ Bray's room (he did just get a big boy bed however!) but at least the downstairs and Nursery are almost done. We're painting a few more things tomorrow... I guess there will be things to do for a while... that is the fun of it!

The Outside

Form Dinning Room
Living Room

Breakfast Nook

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

The Nursery

The Guest Room


Back yard

September 19th - My B-day

What I wanted to do most was to take a Salsa lesson and go Latin Dancing!! We had a great time, although the belly did get some funny looks!

The leg whip and the dip!

Girls Day Out Shower

We decided to get manicure/pedicures and do lunch instead of the traditional shower! It was awesome

35 Weeks

I Love This Picture

Braden and the Amats

One of our favorite little families from the Branch.


I had to throw these pictures on!!! Braden is obsessed with bear. These pictures show their friendship to a T. Bear has to do everything Braden does... you can image dinner time, bedtime... sitting on the pew at church etc...

Surprise Trip to Florida - August 2007

Our surprise trip to Florida for Tanner's B-day!!! We stayed for a week and then I drove home to pack. Ash and Braden stayed for an extra week and everyone helped out!! Too much fun :)

Clark's August Trip to Charlotte