Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome Camille Blair Roberts!

This is a few days late, but I wanted to post my favorite picture of our new niece "Millie" (Blake's sister's new little girl).  She is a chubby doll.  Congrats guys :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!  (A little after the fact, but still heartfelt).  So, Blake and I have a tradition of making homemade cards on V-day... this can yield some pretty memorable keepsakes!!  This year I wrote a quick little poem for him

And he surprised me w/ this!!!  That sneaky boy!!  Thanks BABE... I'm so excited.
On a side note, we went out to eat on V-day and the Hostess asked for our name to be put on the list.  I said Harts and she looked at me like I was joking... "Hearts... Valentines Day... very funny".  "No... that's really my last name"!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I Love to Have Camille Visit

After two fun-filled weeks that absolutely FLEW by,  the boys and I headed back home... but this time with Aunt Cami in tow.  Ohhhhhhhhh it was SO nice to have her with us.  Why can't life always be that great!!!  The first morning, she let me sleep in and I woke up to her cleaning out the fridge and pantry?!?!?!  How did I get so lucky!

Then she babysat both Friday and Saturday nights so we could go to a Valentines Party and then Dinner and Stake Conference the next night.  It was heavenly!!  We came home Sat. night to this awesome fort she made in the bonus room w/ Bray!  Too fun.

And this larger than life puzzle...

Oh Cami... you are the best.   Yes, you a your fluffy bangs!!!  (ps - we both became proud owners of long bangs this past weekend, but I think she should consider "spicing" them up a bit for her wedding day.  This was a good dry run!!)

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Fising Off the Dock

Braden got a fishing pole for Christmas... for this reason and this reason only: to fish off Grandma & Grandpa's dock.  His great little neighbor friend Josh was such a sport to come over multiple days after school.  Our last day we bought real worms... apparently that did the trick!

Yeah!!!!  Success.  It's a great story when Braden tells it :)

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Disney World!!!! What more can I say!

Sacked out!!!

The whole gang!!

A HUGE thank you to Cousin Christina. She lives w/ my fam and works at Disney as a dancer and got us in. Love you "TINA"!!!

The most exciting ride of the day: Aladdin. Braden has been watching the movie and singing the songs since we arrived here. It was the culmination of it all... The Magic Carpet Ride!

And this little boy kept his hat on all day... too cute!

On a Sunday Afternoon

Gavin has a HUGE obsession w/ shoes!  These are a perfect fit... they go great w/ his pretty smile.

$.49 ties from Last Chance Nordys... gotta love it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So the main purpose of our venture down to Miami was to visit Marliss and her darling little girls.  We were planning to meet up in Boyton Beach that evening.  But.... since we were so close to Miami, we had to make a side trip to a place we've been dying to get to for a long time.  It's called "Last Chance" and it is Nordstrom Rack on Crack.  Seriously!!!  Nordstrom has a VERY generous return policy and apparently THIS is the place it all goes to.  My Mom's neighbor Eva has been talking this place up since I've known her, so it was time to see what it was all about!!  Cami and I were together so we traded off w/ the Boys and WOW what an adventure.  I'll save you the gritty details (b/c you really have to kind of sift through everything) but the best deals were: kids crocs: $1.99 (yes, I got 3 pairs for each).  BCBG skirts (got 3) $4.99.  Got a couple of T's for $1.97.  Seven for All My Kind Jeans for Blake $9.97.  Diesel Jeans for Blake $9.97.  I was hoping to find some for me... uhhhhh, why can't I be a size 25!!!!!  All in all, it was a great adventure and you know me, I LOVE a bargain.  Can't wait to go back.

So on to the BEACH!!  It was a little cold a windy that day (we spent the night and went to the beach the next day) but the kids had a great time!!

And here's Gavin sticking his head in the sand???  I think he like how it felt!!

Sweet Bria

Ohhhh... more sand!

This little girl should be famous!!!  I love her!

WE had such a great time... just wish it could've been longer

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