Saturday, February 14, 2009

We made it to Florida

Yeah!!!!  We made it to Florida.  We left at about 2pm... just me and the boys, and had a FANTASTIC drive down.  People always say, "oh... you're so brave to do it by yourself".  I'm thinking, my Mom drove cross country w/ 6 kids every year... I can surely do 8 hours!!  And it always goes by fast.  Anyway, here are pictures from my "random picture" folder.  Just mostly hangin'... our favorite thing to do in FL.

Making bread is definitely at the top of the list when we're at Ahma's house.  Wish I had those skillz... Braden LOVES it!

This trip, Braden LOVED to snuggle w/ Ahma any chance he got.  Only at Grandma's house could you snuggle at the dinner table and be hand fed...

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