Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I Love to Have Camille Visit

After two fun-filled weeks that absolutely FLEW by,  the boys and I headed back home... but this time with Aunt Cami in tow.  Ohhhhhhhhh it was SO nice to have her with us.  Why can't life always be that great!!!  The first morning, she let me sleep in and I woke up to her cleaning out the fridge and pantry?!?!?!  How did I get so lucky!

Then she babysat both Friday and Saturday nights so we could go to a Valentines Party and then Dinner and Stake Conference the next night.  It was heavenly!!  We came home Sat. night to this awesome fort she made in the bonus room w/ Bray!  Too fun.

And this larger than life puzzle...

Oh Cami... you are the best.   Yes, you a your fluffy bangs!!!  (ps - we both became proud owners of long bangs this past weekend, but I think she should consider "spicing" them up a bit for her wedding day.  This was a good dry run!!)

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Amber Henrie said...

wow - she's good, I hate cleaning out fridges and promise I haven't been as nice to my sis-in-law here in Dubai. I've done the bathrooms...that counts, right?

wendy said...

How lucky can you get?