Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So, this evening I had to shoot Bridals uptown at Freedom Park.  We finished early and since Blake and the Boys had stuck around to play, I decided I couldn't pass up a gorgeous evening (from torrential rains yesterday to this today).  I wanted to get some shots of the boys (of course :) and practice my depth of field shooting.  I have been doing straight manual settings and it makes such a difference.  I was trying to get a very shallow depth of field and make the eyes POP.  Anyway, Gavin was the only real "willing" participant.  You'll see in the shots, Braden is either running away, coughing or thinking about running away!!  A lot of them are over exposed a little bit, but I sort of wanted it that way.  Here are few...

I know I post lot's of "posed" pix... I'll try and post more "around-the-house-candids" soon!

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Tiff and Dan Bates said...

I just want to kiss Gavin all over! He is the cutest thing. I can just picture him laughing and being the happiest little baby!