Sunday, November 02, 2008

AHOY... the Pirate Plundering Continues....

HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  This was such a fun year and if you can't tell, we got some major use out of these costumes (I think the kids wore them 4 different times).  We got free kids meals at Jersey Mike's for dressing up, hit the neighborhood party next and then hit the streets for some major trick o' treating.  I love this holiday!!! 

Gettin' ready to hit the partay!  This picture makes me laugh so hard.  Gavin's pants that were supposed to be "drawstring" were so tight... no string needed.

These pirates were riding in style.  

What handsome laddies

SCORE... this is my favorite part of halloween.  Dumping out the "loot" and picking out the good stuff.  Braden and I go perfect together: he loves the chocolate, I love all the fruity things like skittles, sour patch, dots, mike & ikes etc... (Blake thinks it's gross... mo' fo me)

little matey is walking!!!


wendy said...

Great pirate costumes. It looked like you had fun.

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