Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SHIVER ME TIMBERS... It's a Pirate Party!!!

Well, it's Wednesday and I think I have FINALLY recuperated enough from this past weekend to get these pictures posted.  Let me tell you, it was a stressful week and crazy weekend, but it was a lot fun and we've got lot's of pictures to share.  The week leading up to the party was very busy.  I had shoots Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thurs.  Friday I was running around all day, finishing up as much as I could.  Blake got home super late and then his parents got here around 10pm.  We stayed up until 3:30am decorating, making cake/cupcakes, finishing sewing the costumes, putting together the train table (you'd have thought it was Christmas eve at the rate we were going) etc.... Even Butch was up until 2am partying down with us!!  I'm glad we did ALL that we did b/c Saturday turned out to be even crazier.   Saturday morning I had a finally practice for the Primary program on Sunday.  It got started late (surprise!!!) and then we had a pizza party after.  I was planning on running to Walmart one last time, getting balloons and then running home w/ 2 hours to spare to finish getting everything ready by 2pm.... PLENTY of time... except, I forgot my debt card and had a fiasco w/ all that at Walmart, then I couldn't get the balloons and THEN about 15 mintues from home Blake's car DIED... DEAD... in the middle of a BUSY intersection.  I WAS DYING.  Blake was already at home and it took him forever to get there.  Luckily some REALLY nice strangers helped rescue me.  Keep in mind it was 12:45 when the car died and 1:45 by the time I finally headed home... which had me arriving at exactly 2pm - THE EXACT moment the party was supposed to start.  Again, dying.  I ran around to neighbor's houses and called who could asking for 20 mins.  Then I ran inside and tried to finish what I could in 20 mins.  I think, in the end, it turned out fun... I myself, was rushed and stressed and going crazy but I think the kiddies enjoyed it and that's all that mattered!

Here's the invite I made and sent out

The train table that took us FOREVER to put together.  Thanks to Grandparents, Ash & Tiff... that was a GREAT gift.

The spread... I tried to come up w/ funny pirate names for all the food.

I made the cake part Fri, thinking I'd have more time Sat. to decorate.  Wish I would've had a little longer to add all the rest of the details, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

Got this idea from a friend's pirate party (Thanks Kristina!!).  I made this poster in photoshop and had it blown up to a 16x20.  It turned out to be a cute game... Braden loved his big face in the spotlight!!!

I just have to throw in that I hand made these costumes out of 6$ worth of Fabric!!!  I did have costumes for Blake and I but there wasn't enough time to get them on.  I had to hand sew them first for an earlier party and then when Susan came down Fri. night we re-stitched w/ the machine.  
Argghhhh... walking the plank relays.  This, too, was a little last minute.  I wanted to have time to set it up, but I had to throw it together while the guest were eating!!  We had them tie a sash on their waist, walk the plank, put an eye patch on, hop back on one foot (peg leg!!!) and then dig for gold (in a bag b/c there was no time to fill the pail w/ sand... oh well!!!)

Blowing out the candles!!!

Gavin got to eat his own little Island a.k.a. cupcake... LOVED IT!!
HUNTING FOR TREASURE!!!  This was fun... I turned my camera over to Jen (thank you!!!) so I could lead the treasure hunt.  It looks like they were really into it!

poor Gavy missed the treasure hunt finding the train table and pirate loot... he was just to dirty, arggghhhh!

Present time!!! Too much fun for the Boys

AND... for the FINAL gift... a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  I can't even tell you how pumped Braden was about this, since he is OBSESSED w/ motorcycles!!!  I must confess, I found this on Craigslist a few months ago for $50.  Being the bargain gal that I am, I bought it thinking ahead.  It played out great.  

All in all a great party, but WOW, I was WORN out!!!!  Glad B-day's are just once a year!!!


Ally said...

What a fun party! I wish i could have been there...Do you have video of Braden getting the moto?

eva and joey said...

I'm exhausted from reading your post! I can't even imagine how you felt! Days that are already jammed pack always tend to be CrAzY! Glad it all worked out! The party looks like it belongs in an issue of Family Fun!

Brandi said...

Wow I can't believe everything that you did and under all that stress. I would have been a basket case. Looks like it was all worth it though and I bet you slept great Sat. night!!! Love the costumes and the cake. So cute. :)

Tara said...

Lindsay--We had SUCH a good time at the party! I loved the costumes, and food was very yummy. You put the rest of the moms to shame. ;)

wendy said...

The birthday party looked like fun and a lot of hard work. Like you said, it is a good thing that they only come once a year.

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