Friday, May 29, 2009


WE LOVED having my sister Ashlee here for the entire week leading up to our trip to Florida. She helped SO MUCH (sorry if I'm repeating myself) but I honestly don't know how I would've gotten through the week. AND the boys are completely attached. They had so much fun!

Anyway, aside from all the photography busy-ness, we managed to fit in a few projects as we always do. The first was a picture memory wall right at my entry way. I've been wanting to do this for a year and a half now. WE FINALLY did it. I think I was just not wanting to actually hang the pictures b/c I thought it would be a pain. It took a lot of measuring, but it was worth it... I love it!!

This one was pretty quick. I found some cool fabric that I wanted to recover a couple of barstool type chairs I have in the dinning room. I had extra fabric so I sewed 6 place mats to match.
You can accomplish so much with TIVO playing on the side and the kids in bed!!! Love it. Thanks for coming Ash :)


Brandi said...

Love your projects. Really great fabric. I have a picture hanging project to work on too. It always takes me FOREVER to get them up because of exactly what you said. The measuring. ugh.

I love when my sisters comes to visit too. Sisters are the best!

Candace said...

Great job looks awesome!! love the fabric!!

brandi said...

Lindsay, you still seem to amaze me=) I'm glad your sister came to help, I LOVE when family comes, it always goes by way to fast. I love your picture wall. I love even more your wanescoting (yeah, have no idea how to spell that) on the wall. I've always wanted that look for my house. Oh day when we actually buy a house again, that is a must.. (plantation shutters I love as well!)
keep in touch!