Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - May 2009

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Mother's Day - it's been fabulous.  Started w/ breakfast in bed.  Then, Blake gave a beautiful talk on Mother's at church.  He gave me a gorgeous lily corsage, chocolate and cooked an amazing steak and shrimp dinner (wow, I think I am out of superlatives!!!).  Thanks to my sweet boys... love you!!

Just had to post a few pics of the Branch's Mother's Day Party.  

Here we are rockin' the Mackarena (sp??)
Braden found himself a little dance partner... oops, with a see through skirt!

I had to post these from my last Sunday in Primary!!  I have been in Primary for the past 3 years and just got released as Primary President.  It was bitter sweet.  I seriously love those kids (and the other ladies in there).  But I will move on... sniff!!!
I love Braden's face here... he can really ham it up!


David said...

Sorry, can't help but giggle at the see-through skirt. Sounds like an amazing Mother's Day. Good job Blake!!!!!


Dave said...

I'm so glad you had a good Mother's day Lindsay!! Isn't it nice to be pampered once in awhile? This is the part where I would love to have rewind button and re-live this morning over and over again!

brandi said...

By the way that last post was me too (Brandi)!! I was signed in under my hubby becasue I was changing up my blog, sorry!! I didn't want you to think who the heck is Dave??

Andria Laws said...

Wow girl, you are on top of things! I doubt I'll even get a mother's day post in- I still have Joseph's birthday and our family vacation to blog. (: Fun to see pictures of you with your boys. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. So what's the new calling going to be?

The Hyer Family said...

Hey! I'm just hearing that there is a lot more info about the mission reunion then I have! How do I get all the info???

Sabina said...

Lindsay!!!!!!!!!! yo tambien tube mi desayuno en la cama y pasta con shrimp de Dinner....Je je
tenemos buenos esposos no?
Y de las primaria queria decirte que tengo lindos derecuerdos de trabajar con vos ahi y se que mis hijos te extranaran.