Sunday, November 29, 2009

THANKSGIVING with the Fam in Charlotte

Our thanksgiving holiday started out with a bang... (and a super early one at that) My Mom, Dad, 2 Bros. & Sister drove through the night to be here by Wed. morning!! They called Tues. night and said, "who needs sleep - we've got 5 drivers, we'll be there in the morning"!! Okay, now you see where I get it :) Anyway, we had a blast. Ashlee flew in from Texas on Tues. and we did all the shopping! Wed. we hit on the Border (Mexican is a MUST when our family gathers!!) Thursday we all ate ourselves into a food coma, played games and relaxed.

gotta get the guitars out...
Doing the "bock bock" dance the night before. Invented by Sheri!!

Friday was project day... but somehow Blake talked a few of us into getting up at 4am for Black Friday. I must admit I have NEVER done this before but it was actually fun. We hit some GREAT deals at the mall and even got $10 gift cards for every $100 that we spent! That was awesome... So, back to the project. It's sort of a tradition that we knock something big out whenever my Dad is here... sorry Dad, but you're just too good! This year we decided to do crown molding downstairs. We had some good helpers!!

Of course we had to get the tree up and decorated!! I love seeing little chubby fingers helping out so carefully!! Everything looks Christmas-ie around here!!

A HUGE THANKS to the fam, for making this Thanksgiving so memorable!!! Next time we're together (3 WEEKS) we'll be cruisin' to the BAHAMAS!!! CAN'T WAIT :)

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JenFlores said...

Looks like a fantastic holiday! So glad you were all together.