Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I'm excited to finally post these!! We hit up the midnight showing of New Moon and it was a blast. A few of us met at firebirds before for a delicious meal... then we hung out in the Theatre from 9:30 - 12. It actually went by so fast and before we new it we staring straight at the sculpted Abs of a certain seventeen year-old :)

My take on the movie: I loved it!! There were certain parts there were cheesy/laughable, I mean we're talking about vampires and werewolves here. But all in all, it was made much better/bigger than the first and yes, the abs did not hurt!!

Thanks for letting me borrow your shirt Brandi!!!
more supa fans
Quil-hoat-lay, Candace!!!


Brandi said...

HAHA! I love the girl hiding in the one picture and then her boyfriend hamming it up in the next one! HAHA! Good times peeps, good times. Let's put it on the calendar for Eclipse!!!

Candace said...

That was such a fun night!!! "that part" still makes me laugh!!

THE ROGERS said...

I went to a midnight showing here in Utah, and it was so fun/cold hanging out before the movie! So fun to have crazy girl friends to do that stuff with;)