Thursday, December 03, 2009

Changing my tune!!

Earlier today I wrote somewhat of a vent about my anxiety towards the Holidays and lack of Christmas spirit, due to my crazy photography schedule. Ug - it was a downer... plus Blake said posts like that are probably better reserved for my own personal journal and not the whole world!!! So, I'm changing my tune and changing part of my post... sorry if you had to read that! I will still be up until 3am editing, but it's all good, I can do it!

Okay... on to a few other things. I posted this exact same post on my HART TO HART DIGITAL BLOG, but I thought it was cool enough to post here too!! (Sorry for the repeat if you've already seen it!)

IT'S OFFICIAL... Hart to Hart Digital has made headlines!!
And the front page no less, of the elusive Waxhaw Enquirer Journal!! It's a funny story: We were in down town Waxhaw Saturday having my sister take a few family pics. I would set the shot, then run to be in it etc... (sort of a last minute option). The staff photographer from the journal took an interest and before we knew it he was snapping away as well!! This is what ran the next day. Have we made it big or what...
And while I'm here going on and on, may as well mention a photo of mine got picked up by an Australian weekly publication. They asked to use this photo in an ad. Hey, exposure is exposure even if it is on another continent!! Now I can claim international fame as well!!
Last of all, I just have to give one quick shout out to Waxhaw Art & Chocolate. It is the most adorable Artsy little boutique in downtown Waxhaw. Someone had recommended taking pics in front of their rustic turquoise door. I have to admit I have been a little apprehensive to shoot in different places as of late, b/c I keep getting kicked out of my hot spots... ughhh!! But the owner of the shop was SO cool about letting us use them as a background. Therefore, shout out I must - I love cool people with cool businesses!! Check them out if you can


Ally said...

Lindsay, congrats on the big time recognition!

Alyssa said...

Ok, so first of all-- props for not venting on the blog-- it is a bad habit of mine that is going to bite me in the butt sometime! I love the photos! How did Australia find the lollipop one? Maybe if I take a picture of my family then email it to you, you could fix it to look like the pictures you post!

brandi said...

Lindsay, I have never heard you "vent" before, you are the most upbeat person I know, and if you did that makes me feel "human" because I feel like I have so many things to "vent" about. All in all, I look up to you for how you always know how to think of the postivie and not the negative!! Congrats on your Hollywood and "continental" fame!
Brandi S.

The Fredericks said...

hi what a fun post- ps= post what you want:) sometimes there is a tiny bit of negative in the world= :)

Dubai Young Women said...

i think everyone posts their picture perfect world on the blog. they only show the best of the best going on. I'm glad to know you have a few rough days here and there. love ya! tiff

Natasha said...

Congratulations on the international gig! Its hopefully the first of many more!

JenFlores said...

That is SOO great that you are getting such amazing recognition, though I can't say I'm surprised. You are SO talented, great job!!

alisa said...

Wow....that is exciting news Lindsay! Yay! I love the lollipop pic too! And I love the one with you and Blake by the blue door! Fantastic!

Mom said...

I love looking at your blog. You have an awesome family and your photos certainly deserve recognition. Could I have your autograph?

Amber Henrie said...

So COOL LINZ!!!!! Yeah. You are fabulous!

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