Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Florida Reception - July 3rd

Well, we made it to ROUND 2. The Florida Reception. Camille always said she wanted to do it in our backyard, and we always said "but it will rain!!!". AND RAIN IT DID... from 6-6:30pm. Then it cleared at the party got started!! It was a blast. The pictures are in backwards order.

Marliss and the girls drove up from Fort Meyers before there trip to NY. It was really fun to see them. Her girls can DANCE. Hmmmm, where do they get that from!

We had the BEST latin DJ, who kept saying "one more song" from the hours of 9:15 to 10:45. You gotta love it!

Earlier in the evening... about one hour into the reception. Gavin could NOT resist the lake. He had about 3 costume changes that night

We did the flowers and decorating ourselves. EVERYTHING turned out gorgeous! THE BEST part though, was the food. Sam served his mission in FL and is friends w/ a fantastic guy who catered the whole thing. From amazing appetizers, and several food entrees, to the venetian dessert bar and huge wedding cake... it was a HIT!

Hey beautiful lady!!

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