Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Ohhhh "THE FARM". I can't even begin to describe how happy this place makes me!! My Mom grew up on the farm, so I'm sure it's times 100 for her... but, I have a lot of great memories here so bringing my own little family here for the first time was really special... and of course, they were in HEAVEN. How could you not be with cows and tractors and four wheelers and basketball and all the grass you can run on!!

This picture below was Blake's idea. We rode out to Uncle Layne's field around sunset and got some great shots. My hubby the farmer... gotta love it!

Playing "BIG BOOTIE" around the camp fire
We could four-wheel on the dirt roads for hours... the boys just loved it

***Okay, you are about to see a lot of pictures with weapons... no comment.***

This is the shooting range...

A few more fun things to include: Movie night. find a spot and get comfy!!
Rollin' to "Penny's... the local Mexican restaurant (if you could call it that). Yes, we went both days for lunch!!
THE BELOVED UNCLE LAYNE. My Mom's brother right after her. Braden is STILL talking about Uncle Layne... I just love this picture :)

Last stop, Grandma Grace Lindsay and Aunt Laura's grave. Very beautiful.

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