Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Mackay Family Reunion - Park City Utah

The day after the wedding (Saturday) kicked off my Mom's side of the family's big reunion. This has been a tradition that happens every other year since, well, FOREVER. This year we did not make it up to our usual spot on the snake river in Idaho, so we rented some amazing homes in Park City but started the whole thing off sprucing up Grandpa Mackay's yard in Lindon. Props to the newlyweds for showing up to help.

Braden got some good bonding in w/ his 2nd cousins!!

These pictures make me smile. I was in charge of a small kids party on Sunday. Braden was the MOST happy helper stuffing the pinata, then we had songs, treats etc... When it came time to actually crack open the pinata it was a different story. Braden was FLIPPING out in line, "nooooo.... I want to break it". When he got to bat he was happy... when his turn was over MAJOR MELTDOWN!! I love the 3's!

This little boy could usually be found in Uncle Sam's lap. He got SO attached this trip. Be the end he was saying, "Ssshhh --- AM"

Monday, the whole group headed down to 7 Peaks in Provo. This is a day I will never forget... should've been fun, but I was in Jeans and an oversized sweatshirt literally laying on the grass in AGONY. I don't want to over dramatize things, but something hit me BAD. I was freezing, in pain, nauseous, had a headache, coughing, congested.......... the WORST. I was just thankful it happened after the wedding. It took me about 10 solid days to get over the whole thing... oh well, the show must go on!! Anyway, everyone else had a blast as you'll see.

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