Wednesday, July 08, 2009

THE WEDDING - June 12, 2009

Cam and Sam were married in the Draper Temple, which is GORGEOUS. It's newly built and in an amazing neighborhood. It had been rainy and overcast the entire week and was forecasted to be so for the entire weekend. Luckily, Friday it broke and we had very nice weather... Saturday it was back to torrential rainstorms. What luck!

Had to include the shot of "Happy Boy Benton" in his custom Dubai Suit. You can tell he was lovin' life right about now!!

All the sibs

The ENTIRE FAM!! Another very rare shot!! Dan was not going to be able to make it (considering Dubai is almost two days of travel away and thousands of dollars for a ticket). BUT... last minute he made it out and here we are. THE WHOLE CREW! It was awesome.

The Bridesmaids!! Don't you love the dresses. Banana Republic and a little length from our great friend/seamstress Sister Munns.

Is it going to rain?!?! Doesn't Braden look soooo handsome?!!

And we can't forget about little G, hiding all over the place
Our little fam. Aunt Julie got a great shot... and look at Braden posin' all over the place!! That little boy knows how to take a picture!

We surprised everyone w/ a dancing rendition of "Always" a throw back to the 80's and my Mom's youngest sister's wedding. It's a long story, but it turned out cute! Hopefully I'll be posted some of the profesh pictures soon... they are AMAZING!!!! Stay tuned for that.

All in all a GREAT day. Congrats Samuel and Camille. One reception down... 2 more to go!!

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Brandi said...

looks like a beautiful wedding. Love the dresses! You look fab girl!

Amber Henrie said...

Everyone looked amazing! Of course I'm not surprised, all the Hart women always look gorgeous!