Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wheatland, WY

WELCOME TO WHEATLAND... population 3, 548. Of course the joke is there are more cows than people in WYO... and it's actually not a joke!! So, WHY, you ask, did we visit this little corner of the world? This was the first place Taylor served in his mission and this Ranch was the first place he lived. WOAH... remote AND crazy!!! But, again, heaven for the boys :)

Sunday visiting the Wheatland ward

I just have to stop and explain how absolutely shocked I was that Braden rode his own horse... all day long. He loved it. This boy is 3 1/2 and was having the time of his life. WOW. Here's us together riding.

And of course Gavy needed a turn!

The ZIP line!!! Ahhhhh... we have a long running joke in our family that no-one has upper body strength. Rope swings... out of the picture, pull-ups... NEVER. So when Camille was the first girl to try the zip line and fell in, I thought NO WAY. But then I changed my mind and tried it.

"Wait... am I really going to do this"
"Ahhh... I actually made it" (okay, so it was a pretty whimpy zip line, but still fun :)
Just another day on the Ranch

(I can't get this picture to move) MORE SHOOTING... should I be scared at all?

This was the ultimate. The last night Blake decided he wanted to try his hand at some good old-fashioned bareback. For all you cowboys out there ('cause I know my fans!!!) this is probably old hat... for Blake, not so much. Actually though, I was very impressed. He jumped on like a pro and did us proud. YEEEE - HAW!!!

Riding off into the sunset...

Thanks for bringing us here Tay, we loved it!

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