Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pikes Peak - It's Snowing in June

How crazy is that?!?!! So, this little adventure almost didn't happen. The Pikes Peak Summit Train is something my Dad remembers doing as a little boy... so, he really wanted to take the whole fam. At this point in the trip (it was at the end of one of our last days in Denver) we were all a little tired and didn't know how appealing it sounded. Um, good thing we all got over that really quick, because it was a BLAST! AND it was snowing at the top. How cool is that. Totally worth the crazy train ride up (with the squirmy squirmy boys) and back down. Loved it... Thanks RAD DAD!

AHHHHH... Is Braden really in shorts and a T-Shirt?!?!

Some cold toes... definitely not prepared!

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