Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cherokee Trip - August 7th and 8th 2009

This was an all inclusive, quick trip down to Cherokee, jam packed full of exciting adventures. The main reason for the trip was for Blake and many of the youth leaders from the Spanish Branch to take the youth (boys and girls... though the girls weren't able to camp w/ them) camping and tubing in the mountains. He actually piggy backed on a trip our brother-in-law Darin had planned for his youth... they are in one stake over in Marion. Then it ended up being this huge activity w/ youth from Asheville, Cherokee, Marion, Charlotte etc... long story short, it was a great experience for the kids (and even Braden got to tag along!!). Lot's of hiking and tubing, while Gavin and I hung w/ Nana and had our fun. Sat. afternoon we all ran over to "Santa's Land" (the first few shots are from there). The boys had a BLAST... I think this was one of my favorite trips down!

those are Japanese koi fish... really weird!

I think this was definitely the favorite... as they are BOTH obsessed w/ motorcycles!

During the 5 mile hike, Braden somehow found a way to be carried almost the entire time - Thanks to Daddy and Hermano Gonzales!!

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what a fun life you lead!