Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Newest Venture... And it's for a GOOD Cause!!

I just posted this on my Hart to Hart Blog and created a Facebook Group... so I may as well post here since It's something I'm very excited about!!

I had such a wonderful experience last month photographing Buck that I have decided to continue reaching out. With that, I am so excited to present: PHOTOGRAPHY WITH HART - a charitable slice of Hart to Hart Digital Design.
It was created in hopes of reaching out to children with illness, whether terminal or on the road to recovery. Photographs create a tangible reminder of moments shared and my goal is to document and preserve those precious moments in time for families to cherish forever.

Photography with Hart offers free charitable session by referral and/or request and I need your help. You can nominate a baby, child or family today by contacting me at: Send a brief email including the story and history of the nominee, plus any additional contact information. I look forward to continuing to reach out into the community with this simple gift.

Thanks for your help!!!


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Great job were always so creative!

Robyn said...'re not only multi-talented, but super sweet and giving!