Monday, August 24, 2009

My Stroller Obsession!!

I'm kind of weird. When I get something in my mind, I tend obsess over it... over and over until I have found a solution. Latest obsession: Strollers. I have run the gamete, from the graco stroller/chair combo (ughhhhh), to the wimpy $15 umbrella from Target (extra ughhhhhhhhh). So, after lots of research (and actually owning the double from this maker) Maclaren is my winner... it has been all along, it's just my "got to have" brand happens to be pricey pricey. (At least for my budget). I absolutely loved my Maclaren double (see below), so I've been a believer from the start. The double just didn't last long, b/c try putting a 3-year-old in a stroller period... let alone next to a baby.

Sadly I sold it since it was just sitting in the garage and settled on using my umbrella for the time being. Long story short (wow, this is getting long) Blake accidentally left the stroller at a park (Blakeny) back in May. We have been "stroller-less" since, and I have been obsessing.

So, my DREAM stroller (since this is my obsession :) would be any one of these:

Of course if I had a girl, then it might have to be one of these:

Alas, I had to confine my search to the likes of craigslist... which is fabulous, except I kept getting great deals sold out from underneath me (I'm still mad about the Kate Spade Quest for $75 that sold while I was on my way to the girls house... oh well... it would've been a little too girly for G).

Drum roll... here's what I ended up with. The ever practical, neutral, charcoal Maclaren XT. It does the job and the handles are SUPER HIGH!!! It was a great deal so I'm happy. I'll keep dreaming of the Gap Quest, but for now, I'm going on a walk!!

ps - I know... I should be checking off other things on my check list, but I rarely blog about anything but our crazy trips, so this was a fun one!!


Brandi said...

strollers are the hardest baby thing I think. There is just not a perfect one and they are so expensive to keep "trying out." I totally agree with your obsession. Looks like you found a great one though. way to go!

JenFlores said...

haha I love it. I do the same thing, we want the best for our children and mothers usually obsess. :) And yes, UGGGHHH cheap umbrella strollers are pointless!

The Fredericks said...

LOVE it! I obsess too- that's why we are BFF :)