Monday, September 21, 2009

Annual Spanish Branch Camp-Out - Sept. 2009

I must admit, I was very nervous to camp out with the whole family... in the tent... all night!! At Gavin's age, Braden had to be picked up at 2am b/c it just didn't work. Well, we decided to brave it anyway and guess what - it was awesome!! We slept from about midnight to 8am... no crying, no screaming... just a fun night under the stars (by way of a tent!)

Of course it wouldn't be a latin camp out with the carne asada feast Friday night!!

Gotta get that pico just right!
Gavin's BFF Jennifer... she's good for piggy back rides all night!
Buenas Noches!!

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The Fredericks said...

I know that I should comment on how ADORABLE your boys are... and they are! and how fun your campout looks and how fun the birthday party looked... and they both did! BUT all I can focus on is how cute and skinny (almost too skinny- but not quite- just perfection) you are in the pico pic- I could DIE!