Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pineville II Talent Show

First off, I must say, I am having MAJOR issues with time right now... mainly because there is just NO ENOUGH of it!!! I feel like I could go and go and go and never get the "to-do's" checked off... and that's just with my business... never mind, the house, the projects, the cleaning (although I do keep the kids a priority) which is why it is hard to find ME time... and I'm not talking pampering me time... I'm talking just plain old get stuff done. Whew... got that off my chest. So, of course I'm several weeks behind in blogging. Here's a start. Our Spanish Branch Talent Show a few weeks ago. I taught the ladies a semi-salsa to "Maria" by Ricky Martin and then Braden and Gavin wanted to show off some Karate moves. The primary also did the chicken dance. I CAN'T wait to post video of that... I'm sure I'll get around to it... ohhhhh... next year!!! But for now, here's a taste. Too funny :) (by the way, the video is short and bad, b/c it's from someone's camera. The person that was filming w/ my video cam said they couldn't find the record button and missed it?!?!)

chicken dance... bray's in white!!


Brandi said...

So cute the king fu fighting!! I SO hear you on the time. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I didn't need so much sleep!!! all of my lists are miles long too. If you figure out how to manage it all you better be sharing your advice. :)

Ally said...

I love how Gavvy just watches Braden do his thing. Those boys are so cute, and I can't wait to see them (and you and Blakie) soon!

The Fredericks said...

I'm sorry... ADORABLE! what a fun life you have! :)