Monday, September 21, 2009

Bridal Fair - Sept. 2009

Just wanted to do a quick follow up post to the Bridal Fair last weekend! First off, it went GREAT!!! It was a smaller, more intimate setting so I got the opportunity to talk and spend more time with potential brides. And... one week later I have booked a wedding in Asheville, An engagement shoot with a cute couple and a bridal shoot as well...with more contacts and consults set up. Well worth the $ and effort already!!!

So, I am posting a few pics since this is my first time doing it on my own. I am a SKETCHER.... I draw any idea that I have and save it!! I saw this sitting on the computer tonight and thought it would be fun to compare how the idea actually came to pass... they are pretty close!!
This was Blake and I the night before, trying to figure out how to chain the pics up and basically just getting everything in order... couldn't have done it w/out him!!


Brandi said...

what a good husband. I'm glad it went well. :)

THE ROGERS said...

I just wanted to tell you, your set up looked so good! You are so talented:)but you aleady know that!