Thursday, September 03, 2009


For anyone who has followed my blog for the past... hmmmm 4 years (that's right, it's been around a while!!!) I sound like a broken record every time September comes around! It's my absolute favorite month of the year and I have to give it a shout out :)

I actually wanted to write on Sept. 1st, but we spent half of the day in the Dr.'s office after Gavin woke up weezy and congested. We found out he has bronchitis and a double ear infection!! Okay, a little bit of a rocky start to my favorite month, but I'm sure things will turn around! Plus we are now the proud owners of a home nebulizer, adorable chicken mask and all. Kind of freaky at first, but now Gavin actually asks for it and it's really helped his breathing!! *see cute pics!!

So, why do I love September...

I love the weather and the overall change of pace of things. I don't have school-aged kids and Braden isn't doing the whole preschool thing until next year, so it's just us and we love our routine... but it's not so frantic as the summer for some reason?!?!

My birthday is this month and I don't shy away from my birthday!! It makes me happy and I embrace it. Plus it's my excuse to go salsa dancing, which makes me even happier!

I love the new fall line up AND the fact that "So You Think You Can Dance" starts again... man, could September get any better.

I LOVE THE WEATHER... Did I mention that already

My business picks up like crazy. It's weird b/c without fail each year in Sept. I start getting calls daily for fall bookings. It is the BEST time of year to take outdoor pictures (so if your considering... call me before it gets toooo busy!) I like a balanced amount of work - Holidays are crazy - Sept. is perfect!!

It's my transition month... I LOVE SUMMER and it makes me sad when it's over. Sept. lets me hold on for a few more weeks AND our pool is going to be open every weekend in Sept. whoot!

Let me know if I'm missing anything! Looking forward to a great month :)

*** LASTLY... my ode to summer cooking! One of my favorite things about summer is the FOOD and grilling out! These are some beautiful creations from last week... had to snap a shot. I will be doing plenty more grilling this month as well :)

Chicken veggie skewers, cranberry blue cheese salad, fresh corn on the cobb

Goat cheese, spinach & bacon wrapped grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, garden tomatoes.


Candace said...

I love september also!!! Bring on the lovely fall weather!! Poor Gavin!! Hope he feels better! Yum Yum, the dishes looked delish!

Alyssa said...

I love it too! I like the transitional seasons-- they always come right in the knick of time (except Spring, it always seems late). Wish I could put my name on your list for the fall family photo... maybe next year :)

Say hello to Blake- Jared finally went to days and I feel like we are a semi-normal family now!

brandi said...

Sept. is definitely a transition month for sure. I like the IDEA of school starting again, but now having two in school it is sooo hectic!!! I would rather have the dog days of summer back!
p.s. send me some of your recipes=-)

JenFlores said...

I completely agree, September, for some reason, brings back some of that childhood "magic" for me. The smells of the new school year, the fall colors, the gentle clean breezes, the excitement for Halloween, as well as the fall decor...I too, could go on and on, and it's Lexi's birthday month as well (sept 5). I always thought I was the only one that felt this way, it's nice to see I'm not strange, haha.

Poor Gavin, hope he gets better soon. Boy, could he be any cuter??!!
And wow! What an amazing cook you must be!
Happy September to you!

The Fredericks said...

mostly I want the food- delicious! I think that the little chicken nebby is so cute and sad :( and most of all- I LOVE Sept. too!!! literally EVERY reason is the same- including the birthday- I might just copy your whole entry! nice job!

Kristina said...

Owen has a nebulizer too! We should have breathing treatment parties! :)

Andria Laws said...

That looks SO yummy!!!