Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gearing Up For Another Week!!

Just a quick note before I hit the hay tonight!! I am SO TIRED!! Sundays are/have been the BUSIEST day for me lately. So much for a "day of rest"!!! This week I just had two photo shoots, but it seemed busy as I felt like I was booking something every day. It's a huge blessing to get such great business! I'm so grateful for the referrals! I have the best clients who open their mouths and SHARE, which is in turn, the best advertising for me AND the best compliment to me. Had to share one gorgeous shot from my Couture Shoot w/ the little miss D. Click here for more. PEACE OUT!!!


The Fredericks said...

cute PIC! I love it :)

Dave said...

Gorgeous pic. Lindsay as usual! I wish you were here to take our family pic's. I KNOW they would trun out great! You'll have to see the pic.'s I took at Bret's wedding!