Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Get ready for a big one!!!

This year was Blake's Family's turn (we trade off each year)... and I have to say, I love both!!  At Blake's, there are younger cousins and lot's of action.  We had a jam-packed couple of days. 

Had to do the traditional gingerbread house
Gavin mostly just wanted the candy...
Christmas eve we went to a local nursing home and caroled to several rooms and put on a small program (so many talented musicians... we had to do it!!)
of course the real star was "Essie" the Lenons baby bulldog.  He got to Carol w/ us and pretty much spent the week as another member of the family!  Braden LOVED her.

The kiddies singing "Rudolph"
Matching jammies for the boys.  I have to insert here a little about Braden and Evan.  They are 8 months apart and don't get to see each other a whole lot, but it is fun to see them when they are together... especially now that they both talk!!  The conversations and all that practice sharing was hilarious to watch this year.  The great thing about 3 year-olds is when things get a little shaky, they are always friends 5 minutes later.

a self portrait by Braden Russell
The Nativity Shepherds.  Braden was supposed to be a Wiseman, but when he found out Evan was set to be a Shepherd he said,  "But, I wanted to be a Shepherd like Wuzzy."

Baby Jesus escapes....

Singing "Star of the East"... Papa's favorite
I wish I could get video to upload onto the blog.  This was definitely a highlight.  Plastic Santa would sing and Dance and Bray was obsessed with trying to mimic his moves... then he would turn into a robot/spiderman... it could go on and on!!

We had to leave a note and cookies for Santa and Carrots and Celery for the reindeer... we had been planning this all month
Christmas morning!!!!  One of Braden's big presents was a digital camera.  Had to do it.  He always begs me for mine so now he's got his own.  One of these days I need to download the pics he's got on there.  They are too funny!

Dog Dog... Gavy's favorite word

It was 65 degrees on Christmas (in the mountains... I know!!!!)  So, we took the kiddies to the park.

Making Biscuits and Gravy w/ Nana... This is the favorite tradition for just about everyone in Blake's fam... and now Braden too!
Bowling on Friday.
Uncle Darin is the best at making the kiddies laugh... he is the kid/bulldog whisperer.

A few more shots with Essie

What a fun trip... it went too fast!!!  Next time we are all together there will be 2 new additions!!!  Very exciting!


Carly said...

Looks like you guys had such a fabulous trip. You look great and your boys are getting so big. Crazy.

Happy New Year!

Ally said...

You got so many great shots of events I didn't have my camera out for! Oh, and I posted a video of the boys dancing with Santa on my blog; it's grainy, but you can tell what they're doing. :)

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