Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wickedly Good Times in Florida!!

What a fabulous week this has shaped out to be!! The boys and I drove down to Florida last Wednesday... we were going through "grandparent withdraws" (mutually... right Mom!!!) And we also had occasion to celebrate: Aunt Ashlee turned the BIG Three Oh. Since she and I saw the musical Wicked on Broadway for mine in '08, we decided it would be fun to see it again for hers (I'm liking this tradition!).

Anyway, we had a great evening/night down in Tampa. The show was A-MAZING once again, and we left in a giddy, Glinda induced coma, that caused us to all swap shoes (oh, the blisters) and order every desert on the menu at midnight!! HAPPY B-DAY ASH!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you :)

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