Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall is Officially Here

I am posting these pics about a month late, but this year, by September 26th, Braden and I had all our fall stuff (including a few Halloween things) out and set up!! I don't usually go too overboard with decorations but we did some fun things - and I must admit, I was inspired by many of YOUR blogs and ideas!!

We had a great *read MESSY* time glittering pumpkins... they sure look good though

Fall pumpkin chandelier - I got this idea off of a decor website... I love how it turned out and I want it up year round!!!
Martha Stewart spooky cutouts!!
Fall touches... I love the colors
Which is probably why I painted my dinning room this color two years ago!!!
It's perfect for this time of year.
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Brandi said...

love the chandelier. I have the stuff to do something similar to mine but have yet to do it. Yours turned out really cute. Maybe it is the inspiration I need to get it done. your glitter pumpkins are adorable! That is a messy one!

THE ROGERS said...

I love those decorations! How did you get the striped pumpkin to look so perfect? Orange is the color that can induce appetite, so a great color for a dining room;)